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12-26-2006, 12:41 PM
I've been slacking at posting these, partially because they've become somewhat less interesting, but lately some actually cool updates have been poping up, so here's a brief roundup of stuff of the more interesting stuff you should check out (these will go from oldest to newest - keeping in mind I havn't posted this stuff in almost a month :P):

<ul><li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1853">Art Spotlight: Charge</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1855">Hobby League Beta Arrives</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1865">Onyxia Week: Playing as Onyxia</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1866">Onyxia Week: Customizing Onyxia</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1871">Onyxia Week: Treasure Pack Cards</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1875">Onyxia Week: Beating Onyxia</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1878">Onyxia Week: Tales from Dustwallow Marsh </a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1899">Looking Ahead to 2007</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1897">Art Spotlight: Windseer Tarus</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1898">Through the Dark Portal Sneak Previews on March 31st, 2007!</a> (box, starter and pack art!)
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1900">Through the Dark Portal Art Preview: Azarak Wolfsblood by James Zhang</a>
<li><A HREF="http://entertainment.upperdeck.com/wow/en/news/article.aspx?aid=1901">Through the Dark Portal Art Preview: Vindicator Enkallus by Sean O'Daniels</a></ul>So yes, a long list. Sorry about that ;) I left out the normal weekly articles and just stuck to the new or interesting to read articles here.

The Dark Portal art previews started Christmas Day and will apparently continue, so keep looking for more great, new art from that upcoming set!

12-26-2006, 09:19 PM
The charge art spotlight was nice, that author is really good.