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01-15-2007, 04:09 PM
Welcome to my R.C.I. thread! ^^ Just wanna know what cool ideas you had for characters to roleplay, unimportant if you made him in the end, or not... :)

I myself had an interesting idea:

Demolition Squad!

You remember the Demolition Dwarves from Warcraft 2? Well, you basically play together with a good friend as those two! Of course, I suggest to take dwarf as the race, but hey! One of them may be a gnome! ^^ But most importantly is, that both take engineering and learn to build and use Sapper Charges. The class I suggest for playing as them is either warrior or hunter. Also, one has to take mining for sure. The other should probably take Skinning or something like that.

Another extra would be that they found an own mini guild with the name Demolition Squad to get a cool title under their name. ^^

Though, I haven't invent a story for them. Basically, they fought in the 2nd War against the Horde and now try to find a new place for themselves with their particular skills.

What do you think? ^^ And what did you have for ideas? :)

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01-15-2007, 04:54 PM
Over the years I have had many ideas for RP characters, sadly I never created any of them because I avoid RP servers, funny huh?

Pretty much all my characters are based on character I wrote in a story. My main is and orc named Grocalis, a Hunter who leaves to go on adventures, his mate Felshai, a Warlock trying to redeem herself, and Kharona, their only daughter and Rogue who works as a scout in the Horde.

My other story group is Skelaskula my Tauren Warrior, who is searching everywhere for his soul with his companion Novara, a Forsaken. They are constantly at odds with Dargazi, a priest and popular member of the RAS.

My last two characters are Zul'doc and Rhuage, who I must admit are light on story compared to my others. They have back histories but I didn't actually write out script for them at any point.


One character I always wanted to RP was a character I created named Roz.

Roz, or Rozdormus, was the youngest child of Nozdormu. Roz was always at odds with his duty as a member of the Bronze Dragonflight, never willing to take the responsibility of his kin to preseve time. He instead used his abilities over time to travel to different brewers around time, as drinking and alchohal were the only things that made forget about "time" in general.

His reckless behavior was frowned apon by Nozdormu, but he loved his son and refused to take action. Anachronos, who most of the time watched over the timeways for his father, was not so forgiving to his younger brother.

After a confrontation, Roz decided to abandon his abilities and leave Tanaris. He travelled far and wide, finally settling in Khaz Modan. The dwarves were always fond of drinking, and so he changed himself into the form of a Dwarf, and made a life for himself as a historian and prospector in Ironforge. His knowledge, thanks to his heritage, was uncanny, but he liked to sometimes embelish the truth while drunk.

He lived with the Dwarves for nearly two hundred years, and even watched all three of the great wars, but refused to involve himself in the affairs. He often would travel to a small unknown island of black and white bears that made the best brew in the world, if only to wait out the constant struggles between the Alliance and the Horde.

In recent year, Roz realized that he was getting rusty on his knowledge. He himself would read tomes now and then, but either being stuck in Ironforge or drifting around for years caused him to lose his edge, and he began to losing drinking games with the newly formed Explorer's League.

Not to be outdone, he finally decided it was time to pack up and leave Ironforge for the time. Sadly for him, after a night of heavy drinking, he forgot how to change back into a dragon. Worst yet, he has been a dwarf so long his own kin don't even realize its him. Only Nozdormu himself knows, as he has always kept and eye on his young son. He hopes at some point to at least gain back his ability to be a dragon, though often times he just gives himself a headache.

And thus I would start him.

I might still make him someday, but I am not sure.

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