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Originally Posted by Gurtogg_Bloodboil View Post
I mean what more do we need to see? Garrosh’s diary entries?
"December, 2006: Dear Journal, I'm so depressed, Greatmother Geyah will die soon and everyone expects me to become the leader. I can't stop thinking of the horrible things my dad did, it brought so much dishonor to my name. I just want to lie down and die. T_T

January 2007: Dear Journal, today an adventurer visited me. I was embarrassed at first but I think I've made a new friend, I think I'm starting to feel happy.

January 2007 (cont'd): Dear Journal, something wonderful has happened! Thrall, the leader of the Horde, visited me. He told me that my father was in fact a hero! I feel so happy and motivated, now I no longer have to be ashamed of my father's deed. Everything is great! : D

November 2008: Dear Journal, RAAAARFGH!! Smash stupid humans! I am Teh greatest and should be leader of the hordes becus Thrall is realy realy stupid. Now I'm gonna go to Northrend and kick undead asses, becus I AM so awesome."

I feel there is some inconsistency there, but maybe it's just me.
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