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I would have them start in Felwood, personally.

I'd also like to see their starting zone phasing to cover TBC > Whatever expansion they're released in, so that we get the feel that they spend many years in training/questing/whatever it is they are doing there, and as such would explain their absence from the world during The second Scourge and the Cataclysm.

I'd like to see Altruis the Sufferer as faction leader. Perhaps the playable Demon Hunters are like him, and grew disillusioned with Illidan after his insanity struck and manifested. They did not want to betray him, however, and so opted to exile themselves back to Kalimdor, into Felwood and were content to remain there to fulfil their true purpose - to hunt the world from demons.

I actually think there are 8 races which should be able to take this hero class, and those are Night Elves, Draenai, Dwarves,Humans, Orcs, Trolls, Forsaken and Blood Elves. Even then, I'm not sure about humans and forsaken.

Regardless. Here's my brainstorming:

In the wake of the Betrayer's growing madness, Altruis the Sufferer grew disillusioned with his masters steadeily decreasing grasp on reality. Seeking a place to shelter his thoughts, he and his followers (of which some were allready Demon Hunters, of which others were not) returned through the dark portal and returned to Kalimdor, drawn by the stench of demons into Felwood. Making it their mission to cleanse Felwood of its corruption, The Demon Hunters seal themselves off from the rest of the world, taking up residence in the deep barrows which once served as their masters prison, now abandonned in the wake of his escape. With a long tunnel system reaching all through northern Kalimdor, the Zin-Illidari operate like shadows, moving in to remove demonic influence where they see it, without care for the deforesting of Ashenvale, or either the alliance or the Horde's intentions for the surrounding areas.

Assuming the starting quests will span levels 55-70 (so that they can hit Northrend afterwards, I guess) each section will give enough EXP to last 5 levels, I guess, before a new "jump" occurs, where phasing will skip through to what the players were up to during another expansion. The first section, described above, takes place during The Burning Crusade, and phasing will be about how the DH player aids the Zin-Illidari in reclaiming theese lost prisons, aiding in rebuilding it as a training grounds of sort, and then going on rogue missions in their fight against the Shadow Council. It will also deal with personal training, obtaining your own warglaives, learning to imbue your weapons with demons (much like Death Knights have class specific weapon enchants in form of runes) and so forth.


During the second Scourge, The Zin-Illidari become more aware of the Cult of the Damned's presence around the world. By this time, the Zin-Illidari is "ruled" by a council of Demon Hunters calling themselves "Children of Illidan", who were, like Altruis, Demon Hunters trained by Illidan himself. Amongst them is the female blood elf, Jenara Skyblaze, who tries to persuade the Zin-Illidari to action, reminding everyone that his defeat against Arthas and the Scourge was what drove Illidan to the brink of madness in the first place, and the the Scourge is as much of an enemy to the Illidari as the legion is.

The rest of the council, following Altruis's example most of the time, votes against her, however, and the Zin-Illidari remain secluded from the rest of the world, dealing with the Scourge only when they encroach onto their lands or happen to come in their path.

Throughout WotLK, the Zin-Illidari gain new enemies in the form of the Argus Wake and Flaming Blade, both of which arrive to Felwood at the call of the Shadow Council. The whole 60-65 tier of questing is about dismantling the Shadow Council and their allies, attempting at the same time to discover their motives. The questing culminates in a showdown at Jadenar, the seat of the legions power in Kalimdor, where the Zin-Illidari learns that the Council is plotting a coup in Lordaeron, far across the sea.

The coup in question is what occurs at the Wrathgate, and once more Jenara Skyblaze tries to rally her peers and fellow councilmembers into action, deciding that it is time for the Zin-Illidari to reveal themselves to the world and take their part in the war against the Scourge. Altruis steps up and accuses Skyblaze of being biased, because of what the Scourge did to her people, and ultimatly, the Zin-Illdari do not go to action. It is here that tension between several groups within the Zin-Illidari starts to grow stronger. The player character will automatically sympathize and gain more specific quests from the supporters of their faction specific NPC (Altruis if the character is a Night Elf, Dwarf or Draenai - Jenara if they are Orcs, Trolls or Blood Elves).


At or near level 65, the Cataclysm sunders the world once more, exposing the Zin-Illidari to the open world as the shadowed city they've been thriving in for the last years is brought to ruin. Seeing the widespread destruction of the world, and with the Shadow Council's presence in Felwood eradicated, The Children of Illidan (of which the player character is now considered a honourary champion of) are considering whether or not the time has come to return to Draenor and rejoin their master.

Questing here will have to do with rescuing survivors of the Sundering, salvage what lore and resources that are possible, and at the same time fighting off the surfacing Twilight's Hammer cultists. It is here that the Zin-Illdari learn of both the return of the Highborn, the fall of Illidan and the betrayal of Kael'thas.

Near level 70'ish, tensions finally climaxes, and Jenara Skyblaze and Altruis The Sufferer prepare to combat eachother, with most if not all of the other Demon Hunters preparing to do the same. The player character intervenes, reminding the two Faction Leaders that the Shadow Council's presence in Felwood might be gone, but their allies - The Flaming Blade and the Argus Wake, may still have a presence within the Horde and the Alliance alike.

After a series of epic quests and battles, the Children of Illidan are abolished, and Jenara Skyblaze announces that she will return to Quel'thalas and that all who are willing to follow are free to do so.

Altruis the Sufferer is more passive about it, but he too announces his wish to see Teldrassil and Darnassus, the first capitol of the Night Elves since Azshara.

Players will then go through an initation questline, much like Death Knights did, by returning to Darnassus/Silvermoon together with their new faction-specific leaders. Theese initation quests will vary between the Horde and the Alliance Demon Hunters.

On both sides, the Demon Hunters will find sympathizers in the Knights of the Ebon Blade, for they know what its like to be outcasts and too be distrusted. The Demon Hunters have an ancient history of betrayal amongst the Night Elves, and unlike their undead sympathizers, the Demon Hunters went into Illidans service willingly. They are tolerated, not accepted. A neccesary ally in the age of the Cataclysm, much like Warlocks.

The Alliance Demon Hunters return to Darnassus to gain the blessing of Elune from Tyrande -Fandral Staghelm on the other hand refuses to bless the incorporation of theese abominations into the alliance. At this point, the player travel all across the capital cities of the alliance under various quests to unroot and expose the Argus Wake. They work alongside NPC's such as Varian Wrynn, Jaina Proudmoore, Fandral Staghelm, Tyrande Whisperwind, Altruis The Sufferer, Thassarian and Mordent Evershade before finally facing of with the leader of the Argus Wake cult. After his defeat, the player completes a quest and is accepted as a member of the alliance, and the phasing ends. He is now able to interact with other, non DH players.

Demon Hunter trainers will pop up around alliance cities either in the vicinity of rogue or Warlock NPC's, whereas Altruis the Sufferer will be positioned in a new building in Darnassus called "Highborn's Ascension", where he will now count as a co-faction leader together with Mordent Evenshade. The Highborn's Ascension will be the local point of Demon Hunters and Mages in Teldrassil.

The Horde Demon Hunters return to Quel'thalas to learn about Kael'thas' betrayal and its subsequent consequences. Halduron Brightwing is disgusted by what he perceives as Illidari minions no better then the Sunfury, and will leave Silvermoon city and instead be placed amongst the Farstriders at Farstrider's retreat in Eversong.

After some persuasion from both Lady Liadrin and Grand Magister Rommath, Lor'themar Theron finally agrees to give his blessing to the Zin-Illidari, but has some reservations. The player character is then to travel around the Horde's capitol cities, seeking acceptance and blessings from the various leaders and at the same time working closely with NPC's such as Koltira Deathweaver, Sylvanas Windrunner, Garrosh Hellscream, Saurfang, Vol'Jin and Magatha Grimtotem to uncover the operations of the Burning Blade. After the confrontation with the Burning Blade's leader in Orgrimmar, the player is finally accepted as a member of the Horde, and the phasing ends.

Demon Hunter trainers will be available in all cities where Rogue or Warlock trainers can be found. Determined to aid her people, and by default, the Horde, Jenara Skyblaze will become a new faction co-leader for the Blood Elves, patrolling constantly inbetween Murder Row, Sunfury Spire, The orb of Translocation and the Throne room of Lordaeron, with various random dialogue options.

....Damn, I wrote much. I really have no life T_T
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