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Good ideas, Verdande . And, trust me, I've seen walls of texts that are way bigger than yours, some of them made by me .

My point was that we start under Altruis, alligned with the Illidari, but we leave them, because they are power-hungry bastards. Later Altruis makes a new school, and we get to be part of it, but the players' origin should be linked to the Illidari somehow.

Just because I want to interact with Illidan and the Illidari .

It could be something like Altruis wanting to believe on Illidan, although it's obvious he's changed into what he fought. Altruis sees the role of the Demon Hunter as something noble, and everyone with the will to fight should have the right to be taught; but Illidan and co. are power-hungry bastards, and despise the "lesser ones" Altruis decided to train.

After that, something happens that proves to Altruis the Illidari are corrupt and whatever. He leaves the players at Azeroth, and goes back to Azeroth, just to dessert.

The Demon Hunter faction wouldn't be lead by Altruis himself. He would be someone like, say, Alexandros for the KotEB. His best student would lead the faction instead.

Also, I prefer to have them a base linked to the first demon hunters ever. Using the Watchers' headquarters is just... wrong. First of all, they are in a non-implemented zone (Barrow Deeps) and they should still be controlled by the Watchers.

Anyway, if you are interested on the Barrow Deeps zone, read this:

PS: Hydronium, don't double-post, edit the first one with the content of the second one and delete the second one .

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