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Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I have a demon hunter idea, but it ties in a lot with my Emerald Dream Expansion idea (you can read the full version here)
Yeah, I linked them to the ED expansion at first, too. I later decided to move them to the Old God expansion, just because I wanted them to be already playable during Azshara expansion.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
In creating my Demon Hunter, I took a similar approach to what was taken with Death Knight. Death Knights are a fusion of WC3 Death Knights, Necromancers, and Runemasters. My Demon Hunters are a fusion between WC3 Demon Hunters, Wardens, and Druids of the Nightmare.
Same here. I made them a mix between Demon Hunter, Warden and Blademaster. Eventually, those roles would match with the 3 commanders of the new Illidari: Altruis the Sufferer, Maiev Shadowsong and Lantresor of the Burning Blade. The leader, Akama, has a bit of each one.

That just regarding the fight-style. The trees would probably focus on Attack, Defense and Summonings: Fel-fire, Possesion and Siphoning. But that's not the topic, so let's return to the zone.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
For my idea, the demon hunters start in the Ravine of Shadows, an Area of the Emerald Nightmare south of the Eye of Ysera. The player character is an Unwaking, trapped in the Nightmare. Here, they find an unlikely ally; Illidan Stormrage, his spirit more specifically.
It's a good idea, and completely related to the ED, cause a lot of mortals would have been trapped in their own nightmares.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
"But HED, he went insane!" you say? I have a way to explain that. One name; Gul'dan.

Basically, Illidan didn't just get Gul'dan's memories when he absorbed his Skull; in fact, Gul'dan's spirit possessed him. When Illidan was defeated at the foot of the Frozen Throne, Gul'dan took control. Illidan became a prisoner in his own body as he watched Gul'dan pose as him, oppressing Outland. During the raid on Black Temple, Illidan embraced death, seeing that it would free him from his imprisonment. But Illidan was not content with dying; his spirit found its way to the Emerald Nightmare, where he became trapped again.
I'm not so sure about Illidan returning like this. The "Gul'dan influence" idea is a nice one, but it feels to... out of place? I don't know. It's a good idea, but I don't get the setting yet. Perhaps it's because of Illidan returning in the ED. I don't know. I would probably use that idea for a possible return of Illidan, but outside of the ED. We have seen demons returning from the nether before, and I guess Illidan could return, as well.

Or we could get a new "Illidan", just like we'll be getting a new Lich King. I always saw Ner'zhul and Gul'dan as opposing powerful forces. Perhaps, someone could absorb the energies from Illidan, even without destroying him. We could get more than one. Whatever.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
But this time there was a way out of the prison. Instead of resisting the energies of the Nightmare, Illidan embraced them, bending them to his will. Illidan freed himself, but he had no body, and all the people of Azeroth saw him as a monster. And so he remained. He began training a new order of demon hunters from those who had become Unwaking.

The final part of the starting zone has you, Illidan, and various other demon hunters save the day at the Eye of Ysera, defeating an attack by the forces on the Nightmare. After Eranikus was purified, the Old God behind the Nightmare revealed himself and now seeks to corrupt Ysera as its champion. However, the Old God will find that the Nightmare will not be its for long.
I would prefer it to be in the "real world", you know. Also, I'd like it to be happening before the events of the expansion. It's a great opportunity to play as a member of the Illidari, just like you played like a member of the Scourge with the DK.

Summarized: I think it's a pretty good idea. The only thing I dislike is the way Illidan returns and that the starting zone isn't at Kalimdor or the EK. Aside from that, love it.

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