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Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
My Order of expansions is Emerald Dream ->Maelstrom->(not sure what after this... Legion?)
Mine is:

4: Old Gods
5: Maelstrom
6: Emerald Dream
7: Titans
8: Burning Legion

So yeah, in both of our versions the demon hunters appear before Azshara expansion .

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
My trees are Fel (Spell DPS), Nightmare (Healing) and Vengeance (Melee DPS)
My DHs don't heal life, but mana. It's kind of a new mechanic. The third one is similar to Warlock's demonology, save that, instead of summoning demons, they "possess" them, to get their powers.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I approached bring back Illidan with a few thoughts. I didn't want him to be a villain again, but I wanted to explain how we recovered from his insanity. I don't remember exactly how I came up with the Gul'dan possession idea, but I like it. Not only does it make Illidan's return to his WC3 mentality much easier, but it allows me to bring back Gul'dan in such a way that it doesn't contradict anything (ya, Gul'dan finds his way to the Nightmare as well)
Yeah, read WoWWiki page as well (about Gul'dan returning, too).

I'd prefer his insanity to be explained, rather than deleted. But whatever. If you get to explain it properly, he wasn't insane, and that makes things even easier. Anyway, he's good dead, for now; in my opinion, of course.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
The way I've constructed the expansion aims for Illidan and Malfurion to be sorta the Darion and Tirion, except I think there would be more, and more interesting, interaction between them.
It's, no doubt, a relationship that has a lot of potential, but I think Illidan is done with Malfurion. I would like to see more about Tyrande and the Watchers, after what she did, but aside from that, Illidan cut off with the night elves at TFT, and I think any of the 2 sides want to recover that relationship.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Not so hot on this idea. Illidan is a person, while the Lich King is a title and a 'job'
Well, I was speaking more about a role than anything. Their natures are very different, but in the end, they are the opposite forces of each other. The succession process could be way different with each one.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I couldn't think of a place in EK or Kalimdor that I thought was appropriate. Not to mention it just ties in better with the rest of my idea if its in the Dream
You could try with some place you could later relate to the dream. For example:

-Stonetalon Oracle: Those caves are empty now that Medivh went into retirement, and I suspect they are a pretty powerful place.
-Empty zone between Silithus, Un'Goro Crater, Thousand Needles and Feralas: Anything could be there.
-Winterspring coasts: I used this for my idea, including the missing port-city of Nendis around. It's near the base of Hyjal, so there could be tunnels into Barrow Deeps and the Watchers' prison.

I haven't thought about any at EK, because I think they fit better at Kalimdor.

But your idea about the new demon hunters being people trapped in the nightmare is pretty good, too; although I would prefer the DHs have nothing to do with the dream, btw xDDD.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
In my expansion it does take place before it starts. The Nightmare's defeat at the Eye is comparable to the Scourge's defeat at Light's Hope. I'm not such a huge fan of the Illidari
Omg! The Illidari are awesome. I would love to play as a member of the Illidari, and even more if I did with the old W3 Illidari, the ones that were really great, better than the current ones.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Thank you then
Supporting each others ftw .

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