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Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Mana healing would be interesting. I wanted to give Demon Hunters healing because there's a need for healers. In the end, they ended up be rather like Shamans; a melee tree, a spell tree, and a healing tree.

At this point, I'm trying to work out if they would share itemization with shamans or druids. I don't want them wearing mail, but I could concede that. They have to use swords, as far as I'm concerned, so if they were implemented there would need to be a lot of caster swords (Shamans or Druids with swords are also cool to think about). Also, I'm trying to decide if they should be AP from Agility, given their reputation or speed, or Intellect, given they draw quite a bit of power from fel energy.

Interesting idea, demon possessing. I toyed for a while having demon forms that worked more like warrior stances than druid transformations.
My idea is that they're speed warriors. They're melee, but their style looks more like if they were ranged, cause they move and attack, making their enemies hard to hit them if they don't come close to them.

The mana siphoning thing would be a new ability developed with the new generation, based on siphoning power to share it with your team, instead of hungering for power for yourself.

Finally, the demon possession thing works similarly to warlock's. You enslave demons, but instead of summoning them, you let them posses you, taking control of them later and absorbing their powers. Pretty much what Meryl showed us at the comic, but with more than one demon (Anyway, I had this idea from long ago, don't think it just occurred to me because of Meryl ).

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
The insanity is deleted so much as it changed ownership, from Illidan to Gul'dan
Still, it would need a good elaboration on how Gul'dan made him go insane. It mustn't feel forced.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I see it as begrudgingly help. Like they don't want anything to do with each other, but are forced to. Illidan would be like his old self. He doesn't care so much for the goal of helping Ysera but that it would gain him acceptance and respect. He's doing it for the power.

I think the Watchers need to be explained as well. They really just disappeared after TFT. I'm toying with Ravine of Shadows having an area that was a sanctuary for the Watcher, but it got corrupted.
I still don't find anything profitable for Illidan inside of the Dream :S.

As for the Watchers, they should have already forgot Illidan, and return to focus on the other criminals all along Kalimdor. With the new factions around, I guess they just become another war force, being tasked with military actions and having less work with criminals. They're probably still down there, guarding their prisoners, and some of them could be around the surface, acting as the "police"; or perhaps not, due to Tyrande incident.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Oracle's Cave: I have this as a zone in my Emerald Dream expansion, but it serves a much different role. In the very deepest caves agents of the Nightmare are trying to build a new body for Archimonde using the power of the Caves. Also, some weird mage guy who can send you into your own mind is there to provide the setting for a dungeon and raid

Empty Zone: Anything could be there, true. But I have trouble think of a reason why they would be there.

Winterspring Coast: Basically the same reason as the Empty Zone. With how I constructed the Demon Hunter class, it would seem weird to have them be in the real world.
I would use the Oracle Cave as CoT 2. Instead of the past, you travel to "visions" .

Empty Zone could be affected by the Dream somehow. Dunno.

Winterspring Coast fits perfectly, imo, being so near

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Thank you

Since Demon Hunters are rooted in Night Elven heritage, I thought it was a good fit for them to be with the Emerald Dream, another major part of Night Elven culture
Illidan didn't believe in the Dream (there's even an in-game book about that *hilarious*). If they start there, I wold find it hard to relate them with demons; of course, if there aren't demons around the ED.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
I suppose I should clarify. The War 3 Illidari are cool, but I don't like what they became in BC. That is, raid bosses.
Having it happened before TBC would give the oportunity to explain Illidan and co.'s further downfall, or at least hive hints to what's going to happen.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Also, text walls are cooler when they are full of quotes xDDD .

Metzen: They are one of the ancient races of Northrend that we haven't spoken of before... because we hadn't made them up before. (laughter)

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