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Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
My idea was basically energy, and using energy charged up these rune-esq things I called Nightmares which were used for more powerful things.
The power could be reflected into their tatoos and eyes. Something like runes, but different to those of the DKs.

It would be cool to have those runic inscriptions applied to different parts of the body with different bonuses, like a strength rune at the arm and a defense one at the chest.

Or, if you don't want to use runes, use demon blood instead. You drink or use over you the blood and you get those bonuses.

But, definitely, they need a new resource system, and I agree reverse runic power is a good base for it.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Better an explanation of his insanity then ignoring the character altogether.
Well, depends on if he dies or lives. In my opinion, Illidan is a characters that deserves his own novel. Eventually, it could end something like this:

Scourge trilogy - Illidari trilogy
Arthas - Illidan
Kel'Thuzad - Kael'thas
Anub'arak - Vashj

That would be awesome, and Illidan would get all the respect he deserves.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
But end result is the same, which is the part I don't like. Illidan was one of my favorite characters in Warcraft 3 if not my single favorite(bias FTW), and I don't think the role of a raid boss suits him. This is my way of saving Illidan, plus at the same time introducing Demon Hunters. I'm killing two bird with one stone, in a way
I wonder... what if Illidan did simply not die at the Black Temple Summit? What if he faked his own death to escape Kil'jaeden?

Then, somehow, he recovered his sanity.

Yeah, merely a setback, but it's not that bad of an idea, nope?

Well, you pretty much did that xDDD.

And yeah, I'd like to save him somehow, too. I don't know if it would fit with my starting zone, unfortunately. I would like the Demon Hunters to start like evil guys, who become good later; just as DKs.

Just because being evil is awesome cool .

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
He's not thinking differently so much as thinking intelligently.

Sorry I took so long to finish this
If you portray it like that, then yeah, it's everything fine.

And nah, don't worry about it. We can have let the topic sleep a bit, but I'm sure we'll be able to return to our ideas soon, and post them until we have no more (I was late in answering, too, xDDD).

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
Now that I think about it they could have all sorts of new villains or even heroes down there.
If we suppose there were way more demon hunters during the WotA, well, it's no doubt they should be down there. Also, I'm sure the Watchers captured more evil races around, races I'm sure Tyrande wouldn't have freed in any way; like satyrs, and night elf warlocks and mages.

Originally Posted by HalfElfDragon View Post
He's learned not to absorb ancient demonic artifacts without checking for warlocks first

He's also learned to be more secretive. If he had made the new Well of Eternity and nobody found out it was him, he wouldn't have been imprisoned. Things like that
Yeah, he could just get some secretive attitude now. Before, he did that because he wanted to be recognized, and because he wanted to impress Tyrande. Now, he has nor people neither girl to impress.

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