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I believe Pandaria might be an expansion. I asume there are atleast going to be 3 more expansions untill level 100. Perhaps Emerald Dream (use it to heal the cataclysm damage?), Pandaria (explore the world) and Legion worlds etc (kill Sargeras).

Of course the Pandaren would be there. And I really like the idea of the Aqir being there to. I think Pandaria should be Blizzards take on Asia. With a mountain range like Himalaya, great steppes, bamboo forests, rainforests filled with ruins etc.

Pandaria would be a whole continent and there would be a titan facility in a rainforest in the center of it. And deep under the earth would an Old God rest and be the main villian (who could be related to the Aqir).

Just some ideas. This is a great opportunity to use our ideas within the "Enviroments" thread too. Bamboo forest, great canyon, floating islands, that Cataclysm concept art with the asian dragons etc and a great steppe etc.
If there are Titans there then they could have indian architecture and inspiration from hinduism (like Ulduar is greek architecture with norse gods, and Uldum ancient egypt) .
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