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As for the "China-ragers", seriously, fuck them. I prefer the main faction to be Chinese-style, but I want to see minor groups with other Asian influences aside from Chinese, like Japanese samurai and Mongolian raiders, and even Hindu and... dun dun dun Tibetan.

Basically, my main "depiction" would be: pandaren=samurai, aqir=ninja, and let the fight begin.

As for the related expansion, I would make Pandaria a 1-60 continent, with perhaps, some high level zones related to the ongoing expansion. This expansion should work as low-level content for some years later, just like Cataclysm revamp now.

Landscapes I would like to see: (see landscapes thread)
-White sand plains.
-Faerie forest.
-Coastal zone with dozens of rocky but accessible islands.
-Snowy mountain, should give the feeling of climbing up, have a secret hidden valley and have the highest parts above the clouds (Himalaya + Machu Picchu + Bhutan FTW).
-Arabian rocky desert, where Tuareg-like aqir fight Mongolian-like pandaren, with a Deccan plateau, Zagros mountains and Kali Vangaki valley touch.
-Subterranean lake system, the rivers from "Himalaya" erode the rock and create these abysses, this group of caves with "windows in the roof". Some sections could have thermal activity. Think of the place where Frodo and Sam met Golum for the rocks outside.
-Fields of the pandaren, near the faerie forest, sharing some trees from that place, but full of crop and bamboo fields. As for the "frontier", think of Bretonia and the sylvan elves from Warhammer.
-Amazonian/Oceanic/Philippine-themed jungle, near the coastal zone, full of deadly stuff that wants to eat you.
-A huge delta marsh, think of the Ganges delta, with all those rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra going across it.
-A zone of small hills, perfect place to cultivate rice (although delta is nice, too). Think of those hills near the mountains, full of flowers and pastors (Heidi Panda? rofl xD).

And some ideas for creatures:
-Huge sea serpents, think of Chinese dragons
-Wolf-size foxes, with many tails (popular legend, Japanese folklore, depicted in Pokemon as Ninetales)
-Huge mantis: (artwork already around, named Mantaxx)
-Turtle people
-Butterfly people, cousins to the aqir and inhabitant to the faerie forest
-Bee people, cousins to the aqir and inhabitant to the Arabian rocky desert

And some plots:
-We help the ancient Tortorra find his turtle people
-We stop the naga from working with the huge sea serpents at their underwater city (they could have enslaved the turtle people before the arrival of the naga to build the place)
-Above the clouds at the "Himalaya", There are 2 main peaks, and each one houses a pandaren/aqir religious settlement. Someone make them distrust each other, and now they're firing with cannons from one settlement to the other, but no one wins xDDD.
-The butterfly people and the bee people hate each other and fight for nectar (XD) at Himalaya secret valley.

Finally, creatures that should come back:
-Faerie dragons
-Huge yetis (Northrend yeti)
-A small group of bronze, green and red dragons at the faerie forest
-Custom Dryads and Keepers of the Grove
-Crocodiles and Huge Sea Crocodiles (you know one of these must fight a huge sea serpent for sake of awesomeness in the middle of the delta zone )

In the end, the pandaren follow a Chinese/Japanese/Mongolia/Australian theme, while the aqiri follow and Arabian/Persian/Hindu/Tuareg theme.

OK, I stop NOW. I'm writing too much already. I still have 2 zones missing to complete the 12 set. I'll rewrite everything properly and then show it to you xDDD.

Originally Posted by Rolandius View Post
So the Aqiri would be different from the Qiraji? If so, why would the Aqir leave the area but the Qiraji stay? That would mean there were like three groups in that original empire counting the nerubians.
In my fanfiction parallel world, there was another aqir city-state, that acted as the capital, like the Zuldazar of the trolls. The qiraji and the nerubian evolved, but these guys didn't.

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