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Azshara/Naga/South Seas with a Emerald Dream patch

Zones: Zin-Azshari, Nazjatar, Kul Tiras, Undermine, Zandalar, Tomb of Sargeras, Emerald Dream, South Seas islands with pirate theme.

Villians: Azshara, Xavius, Old God who corrupted Naga (Cthulu-themed)

New hero class: Pandaren brewmaster, mixture of the buffs provided by shaman, and martial combat of a rogue, much like a monk. This would be the only Pandaren class available, starting area is on one of the South Seas islands, obiviously phased. you would be able to choose Horde or Alliance in a quest near the end of the starting area. Start at level 65.
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