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Originally Posted by Lon-ami View Post
Yeah... well, seems they didn't take part on any collaborative thread before xDDD.

The meaning of collaborative is that we chose an expansion theme, and we all talk about it until we don't have more ideas. The we switch to another one. That way, the group mentality helps us build something cool.

Also, mixing expansion contents? Gentlemen, I believed you had enough imagination to make an expansion for each one, without needing to mix various to get the minimum requirements .

Finally, I don't know if you guys are posting 1/2/3 as first favorite is 1. I intended to be 3, just because of the "point" system.

Again, votes should go like this. I appreciate the enthusiasm, but there's no point if we don't stick with a general theme and each one speaks about a different content :S.
I always like going my own way and just pour in ideas before the flow comes i personally like reading your theory and thought on what will happen although you can get a big over the top sometimes but that can be said about most people in the world and a person with a good imagination is a healthy person, i have written some info about a new hero class and the backround behind it but i will keep it for myself untill we disguss the expansion later on.

Anyway here is my vote.
3p: South Seas/Azshara expansion
2p: Emerald Dream
1p: Infinite dragonflight

I like many others think that Blizzard will mix South Seas and the Emerald Dream expansion into one and that the rift below the Maelstrom and the Rift of Aln are connected, so it would be nice that after we talk about each expansion by itself that we try to fit in together 2-3 of them into one.

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