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For South Seas certainly some islands, like Kul Tiras, Tel Abim or Zandalar, but I think a few more underwater zones would be necessary. At least make it Nazjatar ("Icecrown" of the expansion) and another area, dominated with a sub-villain. Perhaps - completely original idea - area where the last sane Makrura tribe fights over Mak'aru with the Faceless Ones and the maddened Makrura you've seen out in the world so far. Call it something like "the Dark Reef", and it would house a raid for the expansion's Old God.
For other dungeons, I would like to see a hub on the Broken Isles - a Naga wing, undead orc wing and at least Tomb of Sargeras raid/5-man.

As for other features, more aquatic mounts (sharks, mantas, snap dragons, some fantastic creatures), usable outside the underwater zones as long as you're swimming. And - since the expansion covers space between Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, remove the fatigue between those continents. When you fly or swim too far away from the continent, you're ported to the ocean one, then to the other continent. Fatigue would still work east of EK and west of Kalimdor.
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