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Originally Posted by Ghaztha
I've been thinking, i have read the Rise of the Horde and Kenzuki is right its a bloody good read, i mean i rarely read a book in one day..

anyway i was a bit confused about one thing.. How long had the Draenei been on Draenor?
They had been there for at least two hundred years.

Also I'm not saying Ner'zhul is a hero, he DID just sit there all those years and watch as Gul'dan and his Shadow Councile turned his people into monsters, though to his credit he couldn't really do much of anything. Then when he found out that Gul'dan was going to make them all drink the blood of Dae'mons he dared to try. He wrote a letter to Durotan telling him not to drink what Gul'dan offered him. The only reason Orgrim didn't drink when Blackhand offered him was because he felt something wasn't right and he didn't want to take his chieftain's glory from him.

I LOVE how they wrote Grom Hellscream, even before the bloodlust he was a badass. You know the black stuff on his lower jaw? That's not a beard, that's a tattoo.
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