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It was said that Kilrogg did not adopt a familial name, he got his own name from his eye wound and he was already old for a chieftain back then. It does say that due to his strength and stamina it wasn't likely he'd be kicking the bucket any time soon. It says that Hellscream, Blackhand, Bladefist, and Deadeye were some of the most fierce chieftains around.

The orcs never were a nice race of people, they lived in relative peace with the draenei, trading once in a while, but with great mistrust. The only reason the orcs didn't fight each other is because they came together twice a year in the shadow of their Sacred Mountain, where the clans would meet and discuss things. Usually clans did not mix or associate with each other outside of this and it was discouraged. Orgrim and Durotan meet at such a gathered and dared to do what was different, be friends The clans didn't forbid it, thinking it would just go away one day. But it never did.
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