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Originally Posted by Aldrius
Him as the good guy hero Orc just doesn't work for me.
Doing depraved and damning things because your balls are in a vice just makes it moderately justified, not heroic.

I never found Ner'zhul to be that bad a guy. Even in Beyond the Dark Portal, while he was definitely a villain, he wasn't taking home any awards. Though I suppose in the shadow of Gul'dan, those are pretty big dreadmist sandals to fill. Even in Frozen Throne, I wasn't totally sure if he would keep up the whole Scourge taking over the world thing, now that he was out from under the demon thumbs. But just because he's not at one end of the spectrum doesn't mean he's at the other. He's never been a good guy. Even in the Warcraft III version of events, his last minute recession doesn't exactly redeem him, it just makes him not as bad as Gul'dan.

Being blackmailed into submission makes him sympathetic but hardly a hero. And it doesn't change who he is now. Kil'jaeden certainly did a number on him.
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