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Ner'zhul warned Durotan without telling him who it was, he did it as an act of defiance towards Gul'dan and Kil'jaeden for treating him like crap. They would make him sit with them in the Shadow Councile in the floor, humilate him and treat him like some old beat dog. The old wolf may not have had any teeth but he hadn't forgotten how to fight.

I love how they did Gul'dan, he is soooo evil. Also when the orcs first drank the blood of Mannoroth they didn't turn red, it just made them really, really pissed.

The way that Kil'jaeden got them to fight the draenei was also wonderfully evil as well as understandable. He played their differences and suspecions against them. I really felt sorry for Velen man, unlike Malfurion who got pissed and killed people Velen reminded me of alot like well Jesus, I seriously could find no faults in him. It's refreshing to find someone in Warcraft that is good, like Uther and Lothar you know?
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