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Originally Posted by Zula View Post
Holy fuck thats was awesome, REALLY looking forward to the next chapter.

EDIT: One of the best christmas presents ever.
You're welcome.

Next chapter will be big, as hinted by the ending to this one.

Originally Posted by Timolas View Post
There was a little too much fighting for my taste, and too little plot. Dorn got introduced and was out of my mind before he meant anything, which isn't bad in itself, but the fight with Dorn was boring because he meant nothing to me, I mean. And it seemed a bit rushed. Not that I blame you.

Hiraxen was built up and I was very curious about him, but he died like a little girl and I guess it was over so quickly in that sense that it was a let down. Mostly because Eric just never struck me as being that powerful, which was part of his charm as a mere mortal.

Anyway, I hope the critique didn't come across as too heavy, because I nonetheless have really enjoyed Home, Sweet Home so far and am looking forward to your next chapter, as always. Sorry it took so long to catch up, but Christmas had me busy.
Those are all issues that I share with you. I'm glad I wrote that villain chapter before my long break, which established Dorn, Atar and Hiraxen. Problem is, memories of that chapter have faded since then. Reading this fic in one go rather than chapter-by-chapter would make them feel less incidental, I think.

I didn't feel like it was vital to give these characters very epic endings, since they are not a part of the central conflict of the story. I do think, though, that Laterbrus' and Hiraxen's chat should have been longer.
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