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Kaisafa grunted as she fell on her face. As soon as she did, she knew something was wrong. She was lying in tall grass. Whatever portal spell she'd been made to cast had either succeeded or misfired to cause a random relocation...

She was a bit distracted from the thought process by the feeling left behind by Druj's possession. It was like her very soul was coated in filth: she found strange, violent thoughts drifting through her mind every few seconds, and when she tested her magic, she found it... slippery. She'd have a hard time casting anything in a few hours, though the teleportation had surprisingly not cost much of her mana. Almost all of her magical assets were ready to be used, just... awkward.

She heard movement nearby, and turned her head to look past the grass she was lying in. She would have stood up, but her body wouldn't stop shaking. She wasn't sure if that was some myriad after-effect of being possessed or just the shock.

She saw Druj's ugly body stand up nearby, and look around. “Home”, he spoke almost fondly. He almost sounded like a regular person. Eventually, his eyes locked onto the sky. Kaisafa's own gaze trailed upward, and eventually saw what he saw.

On the sky painted reddish purple by a sunset (or dawn) was the smaller of Azeroth's two moons, the White Lady. And next to that, Azeroth itself. Most of the planet visible from here was water, but the far-eastern coast of the Kingdom of Azeroth, and the Eastern Islands in the sea, were unmistakeable.

Kaisafa's stared for what felt like an hour. She realised she'd been holding a breath ever since she looked up. Inhaling, she slowly wet her lips and turned onto her back. “Are we...”

“We are in the moon your people call the Blue Child. I don't think the people who live here have their own name for it. Most of them are not occupied with abstract thoughts of the world they live in.” Druj turned to look at Kaisafa, giving a smile all too pleased to be giving new information to the Keepers of Lore. “Welcome to my home, Hareveim.”

Kaisafa started to struggle up, to get on her feet and try to make a run for it. Apparently unconcerned, Druj walked off to a nearby bush and looked down. “Atar, I'd like to thank you for your decades of service. We've come a long way since I first appeared to you.”

There was no answer. Everything about when she was possessed was a blur to Kaisafa, so she was not sure who this Atar was. She finally managed to sit up, and looked around, over the grass. They were in some kind of forest. The leaves on the trees had a noticeably blue tint. Was that where the colour of the moon came from?

“I was going to just kill you, to finally put you out of your misery, but if you insist, I can take you with me”, Druj said and idly waved a finger through the air. A horribly burned upper torso levitated into the air, causing Kaisafa to remember the man who'd been in that chamber. She shook her head and started to push herself up on her feet.

“I don't think you'll be going anywhere”, Druj said and walked toward her, his minion floating behind him lazily, looking as lifeless as he should be. “You are privy to the truest secrets of Zinine, passed down for thousands of years. Secrets that your Azure Goddess hid well for a reason. Also, I have to say I did grow fond of you over the past half a year...”

Kaisafa looked toward him and raised her shaky hands to defend herself. She was all too aware that her hair was in disarray, her face was dirty and her clothes were horribly torn. She probably looked pitiful and pathetic, her act of defiance turned into a farce. It didn't matter to her. She had been a prisoner for six months. I am Archhareveim of Zinine. I will not be used as a book! The angry thoughts echoed through her head, fuelled by those negative emotion lashes she was experiencing.

Druj stopped walking, and suddenly that self-satisfied smirk vanished from his face. “You know what your problem is? And I don't mean just you. I mean you humans in general. Pride. You make up all these titles, and then you say: 'I am this and that, therefore bad things can not happen to me'. Honestly, do you think Zinine cares about you? Do you think the Azure Goddess is moved one way or the other by who is the leader of a secret club, twenty members big, which claims to represent her? If some twenty farmers decide to name their leader the Champion of Brux, will that mean the so-called champion is immune to harm?”

The Archhareveim did not dignify his rant with an answer, but sent out a blade of hardened air toward him. Her magic still felt slippery, so she couldn't put much finesse into her spellcraft, but at least she had enough force to put quite a punch in her primitive spell.

The spell simply vanished when it came in contact with its target's chest. Druj made a tut-tut noise with his tongue and spoke: “Sorry, we're not going through that. Everyone is tired of all the fighting. You're in a foreign world! Take a look around, enjoy the thought that you are among the first humans to ever visit this place! Let's not ruin it all by slinging spells around.”

Kaisafa closed her eyes and felt her magic start to boil. The awkwardness seemed to melt away, finally, and she released all she had at the creature. She didn't even care what kind of spells she was casting, she just wanted to hit him with everything at once.

She did not see or sense whether it had worked. The exhaustion of all her strength at once had left her almost fainted, and her eyelids seemed to weigh a ton each. She swayed in place for a moment, and then started to fall over, only to feel a large hand grasp her shoulder. “Hey. Sorry to disappoint, but we're not done yet. Time to go and see what resources I have left after years of absence, and who I need to punish for leaving my service.”

“I hate you so much”, Kaisafa growled past her lips and slowly opened her eyes.

“I do too”, Druj admitted and made her float behind himself, next to that twisted upper body. The Archhareveim hung idly and looked again at the sky. She could not see any place she'd ever been to, from here. She wished she was home.
I was originally going to write this from the POV of Druj, using meta tricks to portray a wholly alien mindset. Then I realised I already wrote Druj's POV in the prologue of the fic, and there it was just normal prose.

Oh, well. I think delving into Kaisafa's mind for just a little while was fun too.

edit: In retrospect, putting that revelation in the interlude may have been a bad idea, but whatever.
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