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Happy birthday, Zula.

I've been suffering from writer's block. I used the occasion as an excuse to make myself hammer through it. There's probably a bunch of typos and errors in this initial version, but it'll be worth it, just to get it done.
Thank you man!!! Though I just managed to read it, I am glad you wrote it!!! It was a very interesting update, I am really surprised. So they are like the 'dark side of the blue child' or something?? Since we never saw any kind of vegetation on its surface from Azeroth.

Despite I realized immediately the moment the characters say 'wolves' that the worgen inhabit the Blue Child. I was really surprised, though for some reason it makes a lot of sense, it somehow feels like many pieces are falling together and forming a greater picture.

I wonder who the human is, but he is probably the first wizard to dicover the worgen. I think you mentioned he disappeared or something in a previous fic.

And like I said before I am very glad to have Guy on the cast, one of my favorite characters.

Well thats all!! Keep on the good work.
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