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Originally Posted by Fojar View Post

Not sure if I approve of this. The advantage to having designated PvP areas like TB and Wintergrasp is that the game can ensure that the match is balanced by limiting the number of players who enter.

Freedom is a very bad thing as far as PvP is concerned and if the game lets people take lands or kill characters permanently based on PvP superiority then unbalanced servers are going to become hellholes real fast.

I don't approve that, either. Or, I mean, that could be one of the PVP objective. But there should be some balance-based PVP zone.

Anyway, that's just one of the examples they made. And perhaps thing might change in the coming months.

Originally Posted by Fojar View Post
Phased events or scenarios would be awesome.
Scenario is possible. Just like Blizzard mentioned that we might revisit Shen-zin Su again via PVE scenario.
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