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Also, I wrote this timeline during the writing of the chapter to get myself straight with the ages of the characters. I had to go back and alter the years on Papa Yorgen's gravestone, and I ignored some of the official WoW timeline years, but mostly it fits to everything.

56 BDP - Garren Roland is born.
50 BDP - Åke Yorgen is born.
38 BDP - Sigmund Mograine is born.
27 BDP - Roland vanishes from Azeroth in the cave that will later be dubbed Roland's Doom.
26 BDP - Bo Yorgen is born
10 BDP - Sigmund's first son Darion is born from an affair with a noblewoman. The woman's family covers it up and raises the boy separately from his father. Srira is born to Roland and Daena.
6 BDP - Guy Sliverberg is born.
4 BDP - Sven Yorgen is born.
3 BDP - Sven's future wife Anna is born.
1 BDP - Renault Mograine is born from Sigmund's short fling with a travelling mechant. Sigmund doesn't know he got the woman pregnant, and she doesn't care to come back to Lordaeron and tell him. Renault is raised by his mother.
0 - Medivh opens the Dark Portal. Eric Yorgen is born on the same day.
2 ADP - Åke Yorgen is killed by an orc scouting party.
3 ADP - Stormwind is conquered. Lothar leads the people of Azeroth (including the Yorgen family) to Lordaeron on ships, while the Sliverberg family takes the trip via land (which takes several months longer).
4 ADP - The Second War starts. Calvir fights the orcs, leaving his children and comatose wife in the care of his brother-in-law Sigmund.
5 ADP - Sigmund Mograine joins the Lordaeron army, leaving the children and his sister in the care of a wartime orphanage. The Shadowfang is forged.
8 ADP - The Second War ends. The Yorgen family returns to Azeroth, while the Sliverbergs stay in Lordaeron. Beyond the Dark Portal happens. Darion Mograine joins the Alliance Expedition and vanishes in Draenor.
14 ADP - Eric Yorgen leaves to Dalaran.
15 ADP - Eric Yorgen (now going by Laterbrus) is expelled from the Dalaran Academy.
16 ADP - Bo Yorgen drinks himself to death.
17 ADP - Sven Yorgen marries Anna. Their first son Karl is born.
18 ADP - Sven and Anna's second son Tobias is born. Calvir joins the Cult of the Damned.
19 ADP - Renault Mograine joins the army and is assigned under his father Sigmund. The two realise their connection, but Renault is bitter over having grown up without a father.
20 ADP - Lordaeron falls to the Scourge. The Scarlet Crusade is formed and the Ashbringer is forged. Laterbrus becomes Arugal's apprentice.
22 ADP - Sigmund Mograine is killed my his son Renault.
23 ADP - Sven Yorgen's wife and sons are killed by the Dark Riders.
24 ADP - The Rage and Blood and Light take place.
25 ADP - Home, Sweet Home takes place.
The stuff with Darion Mograine is what I had in mind while writing Blood and Light, but never ended up telling. The stuff with Renault I made up tonight, to fix the plothole that he forms to the "Uncle Sigmund" storyline.
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