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Originally Posted by Ferlion View Post
I'm not 100% sure as I haven't kept up on my warlock, but these are names from the community. I know Ritssyn is an old timer. He used to post with the vanilla PvP set.
Nisstyr was the guildleader of Nurfed.

Originally Posted by mjbmitch View Post
Flames of A'lar: "The flames can be unleashed to destroy life or reignite it." - Master Kwaa

EDIT: Notice that "Master Kwaa" doesn't just says Kwaa, but Master Kwaa...
Well, that's his name
"My brain has been removed from my body by fissions so adroit that it would be crude to call the operation surgery. The visiting beings have methods which make these extractions easy and almost normal—and one’s body never ages when the brain is out of it. The brain, I may add, is virtually immortal with its mechanical faculties and a limited nourishment supplied by occasional changes of the preserving fluid."
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