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Here is my list.

Obviously, we already know we are getting account based pets, mounts, achievements, and titles. We know decently how the achievements will work.

When it comes to mounts, keep all the restrictions. You have to be a Paladin to ride the Charger, you have to be Horde to ride the Dire Wolves, and you need to be an Engineer to ride the Flying Machine. I just think this is fair. Now obviously if you have two of the same class, and one has a class specific mount and the other does not (example, the Argent Charger) then it should be open to the second Paladin that didn't have it originally.

Now for the new stuff.

Reputation - Let's be honest here, Reputations rewards were designed as a way for characters to get some decent items to help bridge the gap between normal dungeons and heroics dungeons. The issue, even more so with MoP, is that it's often easier to just jump into heroics and buy Justice gear rather then grind out a reputation, so after a patch or two the reputation rewards for the most part become useless. The only time you ever want to grind out a reputation is for the shoulder/head enchants, and most of those are account tradeable anyways. By making it account based, it can better do it's job for alts and wouldn't be overpowering (most reputation gear is mediocre after the first content patch, so it's not like having it's going to make your alt a golden god.)

Secondary Skills - As I am on the fence about professions, I decided to focus on the ones I think should be account based no matter what, Secondary Skills. Let's face it, Cooking, First Aid, Fishing, and Archaeology can all be time consuming and boring as hell. Great way to fix this? Just make them account based. I wouldn't mind leveling fishing if I knew I only had to do it once. Archaeology might even get more usage since your characters will more quickly get to the races you care about. If they are worried about losing it as a money sink, keep the fact you have to BUY the skills. Example, I have a 525 Cook. I make a new character and learn cooking, his cooking skill is automatically 75 and I can now buy all the recipes in that level range, however I can't buy the 150 skill until I reach the proper level, at which point I learn that and my skill jumps up to 150, so on and so forth till I get to my max on my other character (525).

Heirlooms - This one is difficult to do properly, since it would require some method of cross-realm mailing in the current form. I was trying to consider ways to alter the system to make it work without mailing, and I think the best way might be to turn them into some type of passive buffs. Basically, when you buy the "heirloom" rather then giving an item, it flags your account so that new characters gain a buff that lasts the proper level range, and gets more powerful as you level. This will do two things, First, it will make it so we actually get to use some of those quest rewards again, you know, the ones that we were constantly selling or throwing in storage for transmog because the heirlooms were always better for the slot. Second, it will make it so you don't have to play the trade game around characters just because you change the alt you want to focus on. The only downside is this change is the buffs might have to be more expensive, and since we will be getting the buff with equip-able items, the buffs themselves will have to be slightly weaker (having a full lvl 70 PVP set and all the heirloom buffs at the stat level they are now would be a bit overpowered.)

Currency - People seem to hate this idea, and I don't really understand it. I earned all those Marks, all those Justice Points, all that Conquest. Who cares if I decide to use the 4000 JP sitting worthlessly on my decked out Mage if I can make it useful for my recently dinged Druid? Why is that so bad? If we need to have a limiter on it, fine, let's keep it server limited, but at least let me use it.

Tabards - This seems to be hard for them to do, something about how they can't get tabards with special effects (rep gain, click-cast muscle flexing, etc.), but why not just leave those alone? Let me explain... Make a new "tabard browser" that pops up when you click the tabard slot, and you can pick any tabard design you want from the tabards you have "learned" (aka, WORN), and it will overwrite the design of the one you are wearing, just like what transmog does. What does this mean? Well, after I am done gaining Stormwind reputation, I can toss the tabard itself and just use the browser to get the Stormwind look. If I want to keep the "click-cast" ability of my Protectors Tabard, I just wear that tabard and apply, say, the Hand of Argus tabard over it because I prefer that design. Why not do it this way rather then trying to revamp it? I don't mind keeping a few tabards in my bank for click-cast bonuses, I keep much worst in there.

There are a few other things I would love to see at the account level, but I don't know how well it would work. Example, I would love RIDING SKILL to be account based, so I wouldn't have to fork out the thousands of gold for each character. However, I realize that is an important money sink, so I may just have to let it go.

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