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Originally Posted by Jungleluke View Post
+10000000000000000000000000000000 winpoints!

AND YOU FORGOT THE DWARVES!!! + gnomes/draenei and other minor races.
I did not, I just felt it was pointless to have to write out every single specie of the Alliance. We'll have vengeance for every single member of the Alliance who has been slain by the members of the Horde. Retroactively of course.
It's not too bad to die in May, Convenient for the grave-digger. And nightingales will sing, The last time, so beautifully.
Under the roar of the first May thunder, Instead of dull burial songs... The rain will spill instead of tears, And wash away the sadness of memories.
The grave mound will give shelter, Under a blanket of green grasses. Even if there is no cross, Among the weary birches.
Under the rustling young leaves, Just springing towards life. There are no gray grasses yet, But everything just came alive.
It's not too bad to die in May... To stay in the freshness of spring. And though I was not able to do everything, There is no doubt... It's not too bad to die in May ...

Alexey Mozgovoi
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