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Originally Posted by Sarahmoo View Post
Or America could just stop building for-profit prisons and stop arresting people for the victimless crime of lighting a joint.
For-profit prisons are fine as long as they prove cheaper for the state and aren't being inhumane.

Note: I am for both paid and unpaid prison labor.
Originally Posted by Millenia View Post
If you bring back prison labor, than that means less jobs for people who can work for minimum wage, which means they'll get poorer, which increases the chances of them committing crimes. Everything has unintended consequences.

(Though, of course, there are certain hard labor jobs that citizens will not take, like fruit picking and mining, so that can still work.)
But prisoners who are able to work in prison are less likley to recidivate. Prison labor can teach them skills that they can use in the real world, it can keep them away from crime. Also, if they are being paid by private companies they have are able to help pay for some of their incarceration costs, they can pay restitution, they can support family, and they can earn gateway money for when they are released.
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