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Default Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect 200g

At this year's annual Toy Fair in NYC, Blizzard is set to unveal two new Blizzard-themed board games. The first being "Monopoly: World of Warcraft":

Locations will be represented by familiar WarCraft locals, and I'm sure there will be plenty of interesting themed Chance and "Treasure" Chest cards as well. Blizzard is currently holding a contest on their Facebook page to vote for which six of the ten possible pieces will be used for the final version. The game will be in stores this May for $39.95.

The other reveal is "RISK: StarCraft":

Not as many details here, other than the fact that all three factions are playable along with six heroes (and hopefully with little plastic marines, zealots and zerglings) :) The game will come out sometime this summer for $49.45.
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