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The spells they are referenced from:

Soul Link: "The strongest of bonds is one which shares pain and pleasure equally." - Kanrethad
Sacrificial Pact: "Let someone else pay the price of your recklessness." - Zelfrax
Dark Bargain: "All debts must be repaid... eventually." - Shinfel
Blood Fear: "If I"m bleeding, you'd better be running." - Jubeka
Burning Rush: "Run, run or you'll be well done!" - Zinnin
Unbound Will: "I will not be stopped - be it by Human, Dragon or Titan." - Ritssyn

There is an additional quote from someone else:

Flames of A'lar: "The flames can be unleashed to destroy life or reignite it." - Master Kwaa

EDIT: Notice that "Master Kwaa" doesn't just says Kwaa, but Master Kwaa...
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