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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Yeah, been thinking a little bit about it.

I'm actually stumped as to what I'd CHANGE mostly.
Well with the humans you could take away all of the elven units and just replace them with dwarf, human, or gnome units.

You could sex up some of the Alliance units like the Knight by giving him a charge like ability.

Maybe make the dwarven tank like the Terran siege tank having a stationary anti unit aoe canon mode and then an anti building ramming mode, that would make it also take the role of the Mortar team.

Maybe a dwarven melee unit other than the Mountain King(which should stay a hero IMO).

Maybe have a Barracks that wil create human units, so maybe footmen knights and priests.

Then a dwarven structure that trains dwarven units, Mountaineers, dwarven melee unit, and gryphons.

And then a Tech Lab or something that creates gnomish and tech units, so maybe a Mage, a tank, and a robot or something.

Just some ideas.
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