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Well using Jaina as the new basis for the Archmage might help. Heck, just make the Sorceress its own hero class to fit things better if not. Warcraft could always use some options, and having multiple options for an 'Archmage' would.

As for a Warcraft 4, if they keep the Hero system I'd love to see some 'spec' options to promote diverse gameplay beyond what they have now. Give more hero options on top of the basic ones. Maybe you can choose race/class combos for your heros that give them different abilities. If you choose a Draenei Paladin, effectively a 'Vindicator', you get stronger Holy spells. If you choose a Dwarf Paladin, you get a bonus to Strength and Defense. Humans get a bonus to their auras and any command-type abilities (more effective Ressurection?)

Wargear like the way it's done in Dawn of War would be pretty cool too, to be able to kit out your heroes with class-specific gear that makes them more badass.
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