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Originally Posted by Deicide View Post
Given how complex Alliance and Horde became since Warcraft 3 came out, I'd try customizable armies... Basically, Alliance and Horde have roles like infantry, artillery, cavalry, etc. with their own abilities. You then customize if you wanna human infantry (Footmen), dwarven artillery (Riflemen), night elf cavalry (Huntress)... These choices are made before you enter the map, actually.

This would just be just skins of course. You dwarf riflemen or night elf archer would be essentially the same with few mechanical variations. Maybe each race could have some special racial ability that come with their units (if you choose Night Elf units, for example, they have Shadowmeld, while Dwarven units may turn to stone to absorb damage for a short time, Trolls regenerate faster). A few units could have different bonuses per-race, like mages having a few different spells.

This way, someone could make his personal army an all-Draenei (Alliance) or all-Troll (Horde) army.

This would also allow Blizzard to make a campaign in which the units change depending on story. When you go to Quel'thalas you use mostly a Blood Elf army, for example. There could also be campaign-only units that are more unique, with their own special abilities.

I have no idea of what could be the other factions beyond Horde and Alliance, thought. Maybe we don't even need more than that.
How would heroes work in that system? Would they also be subject to racials? Would any given hero unit have multiple racial variations?
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