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Originally Posted by Crazyterran View Post
Besides, even if Doomhammer had taken Capital City, all of Lordaeron's troops wouldn't magically stop fighting. They'd just be a large army of pissed off Humans, instead of just Humans.
Taking Tirisfal means getting a foothold and resources to continue new campaigns from there. Doomhammer was apparently trying a blitzkrieg here, although he could have just continued with a long and steady campaign, conquering everything from south to north, like in the original game.

Originally Posted by Crazyterran View Post
Greymane may have been an ass, but, he hated the Orcs (at the time) more than the Alliance, because he didn't want to lose his kingdom. This was before the wall, after all, and not only that, Genn wasn't stupid, either. Trusting an invader who's brutally slaughtered everyone in their path, or trusting the Alliance, who he could potentially game to his advantage?

The only reason he quit was because Terenas didn't give him his shiny new toy, and they had drawn up plans for the wall.
Why did he hate the Orcs? BECAUSE the Orcs fought the whole Alliance, and didn't try to divide and conquer. Perenholde wasn't exactly stupid either, and he for some reason threw his lot with the Horde, even so he had no support among the population to really switch sides.

The situation at hand is: some horde destroyed Azeroth and is now pursuing the survivors. They say that this horde will try to destroy everyone if we won't unite, but why would I want to trust the word of my old trade rival kingdom, interestingly supported without word by the strongest, the most imperialistic kindom on the continent, instead of just using those barbarians to weaken them? I mean, they are allied with Trolls, for Light's sake, they can't have goals bigger than "raid, pillage and sacrifice", right?

If Doomhammer actually tried seeking more allies, or at least established neutral relations among the realms of Lordaeron, he could find more dissidents then just Alterac. At the start of invasion nobody on Lordaeron knows who the Orcs are and why did they attack Stormwind. We have the word of CavernsOfTime that without the Horde's evil the Eastern Kingdoms would wage war among themselves - there were prerequisites for a conflict, which could have been used by a cunning warchief.

But the real Doomhammer wasn't one. He was your usual "honorable warrior", who believed in a day's kill for a day's chill. He even hated the fact that Perenholde gives him the path to victory, because, apparently, the Backstabber didn't like betrayers.
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