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Originally Posted by Gadinhad View Post
It's near pointless. I said this before. Killing Garrosh actually helps out the Horde.
So the alternative is let Garrosh live and let him fuck over the Alliance some more.

I don't get it. Alliance players have been wanting Garrosh dead for ages and now all you can say is 'it's not good enough' or 'it's helping the Horde.'

Yes, there are valid criticisms in your words, but at this point, with the defeatist attitude you're showing, I'm dead set convinced you guys are just enjoying wallowing in your sorrow.

Originally Posted by Millenia View Post
If Grom hadn't died, chances are he would have still been the violent ass he always was. I mean, come on, you can't think a clan called the Warsong wouldn't want to pick fights with the Alliance. It's not like Thrall complained about the Warsong in Ashenvale at the start of WoW.
Grom always knew he was a roid-raging retard. He just couldn't control himself because he was like a crack addict on a relapse. He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to control his addiction.

Still, even if he only realized it fully in his dying throws, that's still enough for him to come back to Garrosh in spirit form and chew him out for repeating his mistakes.
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How exactly am I still qualified as a "new guy" still?
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Shut up and get in the bag, new guy.
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At least people notice me now. ;-;
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