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So the alternative is let Garrosh live and let him fuck over the Alliance some more.

I don't get it. Alliance players have been wanting Garrosh dead for ages and now all you can say is 'it's not good enough' or 'it's helping the Horde.'

Yes, there are valid criticisms in your words, but at this point, with the defeatist attitude you're showing, I'm dead set convinced you guys are just enjoying wallowing in your sorrow.
I think that when people said they wanted to kill Garrosh, they meant that they wanted to do it while Garrosh was still a member of the Horde. The way it looks now is that the Alliance only gets to participate in his death because the Horde lets them. That's not really a victory against the Horde.

To the Alliance, killing Garrosh now carries the same weight as killing Rend Blackhand. It loses its meaning when he becomes an enemy of the Horde as well, because now we're not striking out against the Horde, we're striking out against an enemy of the Horde.

The issue of who wants Garrosh or Sylvanas more dead basically falls upon whether the people in question care more about night elves or humans.
Not to mention that according to Curll's notes, the Alliance fights Garrosh not for the sake of the Alliance, but for the sake of the Horde.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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You are right Fojar.
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