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Originally Posted by RobLore View Post
This just doesn't feel like a game in the Warcraft RTS series. Like the "huge numbers of units" thing, stuff like that just feels to alien. It makes it not become a Warcraft RTS series sequel anymore. WC3 wasn't about huge numbers of units, it was a lot more about micro management.

Also having a hundred different races/armies feels very unrealistic and weird.

I like the commander idea though but many of these ideas feel like they belong to a single-player campaign.
I wasn't thinking 100% on Warcraft when I wrote this, so yeah . Anyway, they won't release W4 with W3 gameplay before the next 5 years. If they release W4 before that, it will have a different gameplay from SC2-W3.

Other games like Dawn of War and Total War use this "hundred of units in squads" things I talk about .

PS: I wrote this for you, Cantus, now don't go and don't read it xD.

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