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Molecular biology student right here. But I do have some passing interest in astrophysics. However I like that in studing it you find out that life is stranger than fiction. The visble universe is less than10% of the universe, 25% is dark matter (I love how astro physics give these things names, it seems less pompus than the biology names but if you know a little Latin and Greek it's the same shit) and 75% is dark energy. So named I guess because we know shit about them. Like in the dark ages people knew jack shit.

Just like you astro physic guys like looking on the universe biologists do that too in that biology is a complex system within living things and how they use the laws of physics to arrange things to their needs. Like for example how do we use food to get energy, we use enzymes to break the covalent bonds which have that good source of energy, we also can cut some bonds to make ions which drive bio-electricity where our nerves fire from.
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