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Originally Posted by Leviathon View Post
I recall seeing something about that on National Geographic. Basically it comes down to a dying brain and is actually very similar to REM sleep. So you more or less are dreaming that near death experience and if it wasn't just near death and you died it would just end. Of course a lot of people who have NED then attribute it to something more.
Actually if you read enough research into near-death experiences, that's not exactly the case. Certain near-death experiences occur even while the person is literally dead for a while before coming back to life, especially when the brain dies for a short time. In fact, here's an article about it:

Right now the battle between believers and skeptics of the afterlife has been at a stalemate. Not many know for sure quite yet if an afterlife really exists but the evidence that points to the possibility of one shouldn't be entirely dismissed outright.

I suppose that's why you said most as well Reyson. I would say yes most NDE's can be easily explained, but there are others that doctors have yet to truly understand. I think the chemical you're talking about is DMT, a drug which induces hallucinogens in the brain when dying or near-death. I do believe there's a good documentary about that I'll fetch it.

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