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The official SEGA forum was shut down, about a month or so ago. I'm glad to have been there on its deathbed. I migrated to the Sonic Stadium, but after a few weeks my phone started to not get along with the board's format so that I can't look through my notifications or post, a similar issue I had when even trying to register on Sonic Retro.

But anyway.

Originally Posted by Kakwakas View Post
It seems antisemitism is on the rise in the US.
Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
Gee, I wonder why? *sighs*
I already told you guys, it's an influx of globalism (Yankee/European brands of bigotry being more accessible and on the rise) and a decline in modern Protestant Christianity (which has had an automatic reverence for Jews/Judaism in recent times).

For an illustration of both factors at work, look to our current president.

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