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Old 12-07-2009, 05:19 AM
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Default Demon Hunter starting zone ideas

After Azjol-Nerub as a zone ideas, Barrow Deeps as a zone ideas and Zul'Aman as a zone ideas comes the fourth part of the series: Demon Hunter starting zone.

I know there's dissension on whether they can or not be proper hero classes, but let's suppose they would be fine. The focus of this thread is to talk about their possible starting zone, and I would like you to give new ideas and/or comment the posted ones.

First of all, it should be at Azeroth. Yeah, it's a bit weird, but let's consider they are on a mission or something, meaning they have left Outland in purpose until they finish it.

Second, where in Azeroth. My choice would be a new small coastal zone between Azshara and Winterspring. The ruins of Nendis would be located here, and the base of the demon hunters would be located inside a small cavern, which could be the original sanctuary of the demon hunters back at the WotA (where they started training or something).

Now, here comes the point where I'd like most to read your opinions, since I'm unsure of what reason the Illidari could have to come to this place. I've some, but I'm not convinced yet:

-They come for an artifact
-They come to kill a demon spy fleeing from Outland
-They come to save some prisoners

There are some blood elves at Azshara, and they could be working for Kael, so they could tie up with the plot.

Whatever that plot, the player demon hunters are rare cases of warriors trained by someone special, that decided to try new stuff and teach everyone, even if the other Illidari considered them inferior. This allows the players to be any race, despite Illidari's main demon hunter race being the blood elves. From that we start any of those 3 plots:

The first idea, the artifact one, would be the Illidari coming to Azeroth to retrieve an item, and find other forces wanting to stop them. The Timbermaw Hold furbolgs and the Watchers are an option, and the Cenarion Circle fits, too.

The second one, the chase one, would be the Illidari coming to Azeroth to kill that demon before he manages to contact the main Burning Legion leadership at Azeroth. The demon could be surrounded inside the zone, and he could be manipulating some locals.

The third and final one, the prisoners one, would be the Illidari coming to Azeroth to rescue some potential allies, like other demon hunters or pretty much anyone that could pledge them allegiance. They could have fled from the Watchers' prison.

Whatever, none of them 3 manages to convince me completely. Any ideas on a better plot for their reasons to be here?

After they finish the quests, they could be abandoned, or they could dessert, making them able to rejoin their respective factions.


Illidan would be leading the operation in the zone (yeah, the events are supposed to happen before his death) while our trainer could be Altruis the Sufferer. Later, he would abandon us, and his right hand, his better student, would take the mantle and lead us once we become independent.

The other leaders could make some basic cameos. Kael could have some talk with the blood elf expedition at Azshara, and Vashj cold be reporting about activity on her former city. Akama could be around, as Illidan's bodyguard, and all the other demon hunters, Theras, Netharel and Alandien, could appear around, too.

The other known existing demon hunters could be our enemy, having their base here, where they meet and stuff. We could fight against rebel Illidari, too. The point of this all would be to tie us up with a future neutral faction, composed of the Illidari that survived Illidan's death and formed a new faction, lead by Akama and allied with A'dal and the Sha'tar.

In the end, the faction would become a counterpart to a bigger one, like the Cenarion Circle, the same way the Knights of the Ebon Blade counterpart the Argent Crusade.

Opinions, new ideas and/or suggestion? Looking forward them .

PS: Reminder: This thread isn't about the class itself, it's about the zone they could start in and how their starting lore would build up. I don't care about the class gameplay.

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