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Old 06-27-2010, 12:59 PM
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Default Let's build Pandaria: ideas for the continent of Pandaria

This thread is supposed to be a collaborative effort to create a fanfiction of sorts on how Pandaria could look. For everything from creatures to vegetation, cities and geography.

Portrayed like this, you'd think it's madness, and such a work is an impossible feat. Whatever, if you feel better, treat this thread as "ideas for Pandaria" thread, and we could try to compile everything after we have a good pack of ideas.

And if not, we'd simply leave this as just another theorycrafting or ideas brainstorming, as pretty much all the other threads around .

I'll start with my ideas for the leading races in the isle-continent: Aqir and Pandaren (don't say you weren't expecting it xDDD).



The aqiri are a race of humanoid insects that live in the southern area of Pandaria. They walk upright like men, two legs and two arms, and wear loose long ants as a hair of sorts. Sixteen thousand years ago, the world of Azeroth witnessed one of its most terrible battles, when the armies of aqir and troll clashed across Old Kalimdor, bringing and end to an age of peace. The aqiri lost, and while the different groups of survivors adapted to their new homes, the aqiri from the capital of the empire stood impassive to the war, and survived loyal to their past.

Underground in their rebuilt secret hidden city, the aqiri lived in peace for six thousand years, until the Sundering shattered the world and tore their lands apart from the rest of Old Kalimdor. The land above their city had become a island-continent, isolated from the rest of the world.

But they soon discovered they were not alone, for those who had made the former aqiri lands their home had survived the cataclysm, and were now claiming sovereign of the isle-continent for themselves alone. And they who called themselves pandaren wouldn't like to share.



The pandaren are a race of bear-like humanoids, descendants from the furbolgs. Fourteen thousand years ago, a group of furbolgs and trolls awakened the powers of the Well of the Eternity, transforming into pandaren and night elves respectively. Rejected by their former brothers, both races built themselves a life around the magic well. However, night elves grew reckless with the powers of the well, and the pandaren decided to leave them and build themselves a new home, far from the danger the night elves had become for them and themselves.

And on the far west, they lived in peace for four thousand years, until the Sundering shattered the world and tore their lands apart from the rest of Old Kalimdor. They found their lands had become a island-continent, and named it Pandaria.

However, the cataclysm had awoken other creatures from down the earth. The aqiri, thought to be an old shadow of the past, were all but extinct, and their resources were as scarce as theirs.


Well, that's all for now. More on other things like fauna and flora next day. Feel free to give you own ideas, no matter if they contradict others or not .

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