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Old 01-06-2007, 09:13 AM
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Default Rise of the Horde (may contain spoilers)

This book is AWESOME. Get it, seriously. If you're a fan of the Horde you MUST have this book. I must say for a moment I thought the orcs were all going to be peace loving hippies, I couldn't have been more wrong. No longer will people call the orcs mere victims, no longer will they say it wasn't their fault. The true history of the Horde is revealed in this tome and it is worthy of praise.

-Thrall is Durotan made over folks, though I think Thrall is a little more honorable or nice, then again he was raised by humans.

-I really do feel sorry for Ner'zhul, you can't help it when you read his story. You seee how he goes from being a noble, caring leader who loves his people, and see how one day he will become the Lich King. Sad indeed.

-Gul'dan is a bastard that you will love to hate, which makes him all the more cooler.

-Grom "On crack" Hellscream is here, and trust me folks if you hoped he was some lame pansy who cared about his family you will be sadly mistaken. Grom was badass before the demons, and he always will be! Grom also made sure he was the first to recieve this new blessing, even taking the honor away from the Warchief himself hehe.

-Blackhand is made Warchief on Draenor, which is a slight change but one that I can live with. He's a pretty cool character actually.

-Orgrim Doomhammer is here, I really like how they fleshed out his story. They made him honorable but at the same time he is far from guiltless in this story of blood and death. Though to his credit, he did not drink of the blood of Mannoroth.

-Velen and the draenei are the other side of this story, and they are the ones you really do feel sorry for. Their entire way of life is torn out like a beating heart and crushed while they are forced to watch. Velen is a cool guy, reminds me alot of Malfurion actually, only without the temper tantrams.

-Orcish skin used to be brown, but as time went on they started to turn green from the corruption that the warlocks were spreading. Orgrim thought it ironic that the land was supposed to be green had turned brown, while they were brown and had turned green.

-We get to see how the ogres joined the Horde Put it to you this way "We no like gronn. Gronn hurt us!" Up until then ogres and orcs had been bitter enemies.

You'll like it alot, I promise. The same author that did Lord of the Clans shines in this book.
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