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Old 05-04-2012, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by ScytheRexx View Post
Thus why it is beta, the pets only being on the same server is part of the growing pains of getting the system to even work. The mounts and pets are going to use the same systems, and they said it will be "Account-Wide".

Also, "Account-Wide" does not mean the same think as Account-Bound, which is what Heirlooms are. They didn't say Pets are going "Account-Bound."

Even then, the limitation on heirlooms is due to how it handles the saving of item data. Pets, Mounts, and Achievements are now saved on a separate system then item data (well, other then the items used to "activate" the pets and mounts), that will make it possible to pull the same data to any server because the pets and mounts and directly tied to your authentication. Hierlooms are still stuck as item data on individual server farms, which means they are still stuck to a server. Can it be possible to make them Account-Wide? Yes, but they have to be careful with it, otherwise people can transfer item data between servers other then heirlooms (like if they just used parts of the server migration systems).
Could they technically apply this to the AH?
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