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Old 09-01-2008, 06:28 AM
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Default Diablo 3 questions

I have a few questions bout the upcoming 2009 or 2010(Thats just my guess for release date) game Diablo 3:

1. Right now there are only two character classes out of five confirmed the barbarian and the witch doctor. Do you expect any other classes from Diablo 2 to appear or will the last three also be origional for this game?


The world map covers all of the diablo world. Will we be able to explore most of the Diablo world and have the unexplored areas appear in an expansion?

3. For now the monsters that are confirmed are: Undead (The only existing from D2 confirmed so far), Khazra, Gnarled Walkers, and Dark Cultists. I bet that there will be monsters from D1 and D2 too. But will there be other new unseen monsters as well?

4. The appearence of dark cultsts look like humans with semi-demonic features. Does that mean that we will also fight corrupted humans as well as demons and undead?

5. How deep will the new tristram cathadeal dungeon be?

6. Will there be a hardcore mode?

7. Will Blizzard somehow revive Diablo for this game cuz it wont be a Diablo game without him?

8. Who will be the final boss of this game?

9.Will the last two lesser evils Belial and Azmondal appear?
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