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Old 12-02-2017, 07:27 PM
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If only there was some other lore character that started out as a priest, who could maybe help Anduin. Perhaps he'd spent some time fighting the legion, and the Horde, and had doubts himself about what he should do.

I am so incredibly disappointed about where Blizzard is taking Alliance Paladin lore, which is exactly nowhere. BfA would've been a perfect time to let Turalyon assume control over the Silver Hand and give some guidance to Anduin. Maybe even see Anduin conflicted about following Genns or Turalyons advice. There are lot of priests in prominent roles in the Alliance(Velen, Moira, Tyrande, Anduin) but very few Paladins, whereas the Horde has Lady Liadrin poking her head in everywhere.
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