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Originally Posted by Genesis View Post
I'm okay with that. This subforum is remarkably far more civil than it was before when it was a right-wing echo chamber.
Sure because it is now a lib circlejerk, and a ghost town to boot.

Hammer should not have been perma-banned (he did deserve a monthlong tho and last warning) and coupled with Cantus' behavior it chased away a lot of good posters for stupid, petty politics. And now this site is borderline dead, admittedly most of that is the stupid discord but a part of it was poor admin policy.

Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Yaska and Drusus.

PJ left for other reasons.
Cosmic, Mertico and Smoke(mostly) left too. PJ was mainly angry with how Cantus ran things but also disliked Hammer's banning, I know because most of us still talk.
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politics, serious business, sylvanas for president

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