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Old 03-22-2012, 04:03 PM
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Default MoP Beta Has Begun + Gallery Updates

The Mists of Pandaria beta has officially begun!

In support, I've actually updated our MoP Gallery (*gasp*) with all the screenshots and art from the press event earlier in the week.

I've also uploaded a few beta screenshots of my own. Not much here now since apparently the high level zones are not yet accessable. But I took some shots of a few of the new interface elements I noticed. I'll add more of the starting area later, and obviously even more in the future. Enjoy.

Update: There are now a handful of screenshots from the Pandaren starting area up. Be sure to check out some of the Pandaren emotes! (no /dance yet) /kiss and /sleep are absolutely priceless.

Update #2: Screenshots of the new Scholomance and Scarlet Monastery are up starting here! Both dungeons are still rather buggy (more than once I got trapped behind closing doors, including once where I wasn't supposed to), but the changes seem pretty cool from what I could tell. Scarlet Monastery in particular does a good job of consolidating two dungeons into one, finally forcing people to actually go to the Graveyard when it's not Hallow's End

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