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Old 08-21-2011, 02:22 AM
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Default Gamescom 2011

Who, except me, was there?

I won some stuff at the blizzard quiz and the developers signed a bunch of stuff.
For example my Warcraft III Press Kit that some of you may know from my website:

Bottom Right:
Frank Pearce (Executive Vice President, Product Development and Co-Founder)
Top Left:
Jay Wilson (Game Director, Diablo III)
Tom Chilton (Game Director, World of Warcraft)
Bottom Left:
Chris Robinson (Art Director, World of Warcraft)
Josh Mosqueira (Lead Designer, Diablo III)
Top Right:
Jonny Ebbert (Senior Game Designer, StarCraft II) "But I didn't work on Warcraft III, I only worked on Starcraft II "

I also filmed the Diablo live performance (as long as possible)

Frank Pearce an me:

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