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Old 11-19-2008, 10:48 AM
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Panda -- Little Tales: The Last Battle --

Sorry for my bad English.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The last battle.

The body of Malygos, Hand of Magic, now lay inert. The bluish glow of the jeweled crystal scales of the dragon had been turned off. The sapphires from his magical eyes had ceased to shine. By fall, their wings are joined in an impossible position, like the petals of a rose battered by the wind, broked down and trembling.

There was an unearthly silence that lasted forever, and everything happening now with an extremely slow. I looked toward the sky. The blizzards and storms of Coldarra mysteriously had stopped for a moment. The clouds were opened and the sky was an cleaned, quiet, blue enigma. A shooting star crossed the sky from side to side, to disappear into the horizon where the aurora borealis painted in colors with their fingers the dark blanket of night. Azeroth mourning the death of the great Malygos.

One aspect had fallen. He had not ever happened.

Alextrasza is posed next to the body of the beautiful dormant. Little by little, was changing in size, from the shape of the dragon form, until the perfect figure of a voluptuous and beautiful burning hair redhead elf replaced the monumental and serpentine crimson leviathan that had shocked everyone in the last battle of the Nexus War.

The Queen of the Dragons delicately placed a hand on the maw of the blue dragon ... and stroked it gently.

- I did what I had to, brother - she said with a cracked voice, like a mother to her child.- You gave me no alternative.

A tear slid on the cheek blemish of the Lady of Life. If only she could ...

But she couldn't. It was not his right. It was the Giver of Life, but had been forced to remove one. The Malygos's life.

She turned towards us. There was a shadow on his face. Regret, sadness and resignation .... It was terrible and haughty gaze of the Queen of all the Dragons, but there was something in it. A brightness. A light of immeasurable mercy toward mortal races. How much we understand it had cost!

- And so ends the Nexus War - she said. Her voice was a thunder of authority and determination. - This resolution pains me deeply, but the destruction - the monumental loss of life - had to end. Regardless of Malygos's recent transgressions, I will mourn his loss. He was once a guardian, a protector. This day, one of the world's mightiests, has fallen.

E undoubtedly she was right. I instinctively took my hurt arm. Could still feel the terrible pain of freezing in my bones. The terror of the memory of frozen breath of the Lord of Magic paralyzing my blood would accompany me the rest of my life.

Alextrasza turned and looked toward the hole in the cave at the top of the Eye of the Nexus. The magical energy was still flowing like a uncontrollable river towards the cracks of reality, discharges angry and disorganized in the endless ocean of the Twisting Nether and threatening all existence. There was still much work to do.

She turned towards us.

- The Red Dragonflight will take on the burden of mending the devastation brought on Azeroth. Return home to your people and rest. Tomorrow will bring you new challenges, and you must be ready to face them. Life, goes on.

Without saying more, her appearance changed again, and the Elf disappeared in front of us leading up to the giant red dragon, the largest I ever seen in my life. Shook their wings, so we had to argue before the whirlwind of his strength, then rise, climbing steeply to reach the Eye, and then disappeared from the flow of energy.

So Rhonin turned to Krasus, without saying word.

- Well? You did not look very happy - Rhonin said.

- I'm not at all - responded Krasus. - Did you d be? The Aspect of Magic has fallen. Somewhere in this world, Deathwing must be laughing.

- You know that this was inevitable. It was him or us.

- I never thought ... is that it I never imagined. That is, he was Malygos. The only thing he was trying to be the Guardian that always had to do. And he has paid with his life. I never imagined that Deathwing survive Malygos.

- We do not know if Deathwing lives with security, but if somewhere in this crazy world, the despicable black bastard still breathing, I swear by the blood of Malygos he will pay this death.

Krasus looked Rhonin. It was incredible how much it had grown. The lord of the Kirin Tor. Another thing that has not been imagined yet whether it would have said the same Nozdormu.

- There is still an enemy to confront and I swear it will not be easy either. The death of Malygos is gived advantage to Arthas.

Rhonin felt a chill in his back.

- Think he tries ...?

- Sure. It's a fact. It is too tempting.

Rhonin shuddered at the image of an Malygos become a macabre Frozen Wyrm under the sway of the Lich King.

- What you shall do with the body?

- It will be rest in the Dragonshrine of the Blue Dragonflight, along with his brothers and sons. If Arthas want the body of Malygos, he must first pass over my dead body.

Krasus was placed in front of the inert body of the Lord of Magic and said a few words in a low voice.

Suddenly, a blue aura began to shine on the scaly skin of the leviathan. Five Dragons red and blue ones were placed around it. Krasus became a form of dragon and was placed in front of the funeral procession. The dragons were raised in the air around the body, which now floated over our heads, sustained by the magic of Korialstraz. Rose to the sky by the Eye of the Nexus and finally went outside, lost in the horizon, due to the Dragonblight.

Rhonin observed them until they were extinguished in the distance. He turned around. His eyes were crossed with those of Aether Sunreaver, who watched with their green glow from behind the helmet of his magical battlearmor.

- I believe our work here has ended - said the human.

- You know that the death of Malygos is just the beginning - Aether said with grim tone. - Despite everything that has happened, the world is now a more dangerous place without him.

- Yes, it is the world a more dangerous place without him ... and also a saddest world.
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Old 11-19-2008, 11:48 AM
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Certainly your english could make good use of an improvement. And certainly mine too.

But even at the expense of all those little errors, it is a well redacted piece. Although I would have loved the inclusion of a description of the place (as you have masterfully done in the past), the forth and point of this story is well managed - the impressions, reactions and feelings at this utter lost (which, I most say, surely reflects or mirrors almost everyone's thoughts on the matter).

By the way, you should provide a link to the spanish version. Several of our fellow forum members have some grasp on the language and others, like Lon-ami and Rommaneck, are native speakers.

I doubt Warlock would mind.
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Old 11-19-2008, 11:51 AM
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Thanks a lot for providing the first link. But not the second one! Kino has yet to solve the issue of spyware!

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Old 11-19-2008, 11:59 AM
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You are possitive. Fixed.
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Old 11-19-2008, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Roderich View Post
God, another spanish guy!

I remember you from xDDD.

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