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Default World of WarCraft Outline (What they could have done)

Let it be known that the purposes of this outline are not to suggest that Blizzard has horrible writers. The purposes of this outline are to simply correct what I thought were misteps in the storyline (Kael's degeneration, Vashj's total lack of a role, some of the stuff in WOTLK where the moral conflict isn't clear or what have you, and of course the brain hemmorage that was the post-WoW dungeons.) Other stuff like the lack of moment when the Night Elves ally with the Humans, and Orc and Forsaken, and Cairne and Tyrande's lack of a role in the game in general I also sought to correct.

Now I admit a lot of this is me strapped for ideas occasionally (what the heck do you do with ORCS? Jeez...) But overall I think there's a lot of stuff I'm proud of in this outline and there's a lot of stuff, if you're familiar with my opinions on the game, that won't surprise you.

So without further ado:

Originally Posted by Aldrius
World of WarCraft


Elwynn Forest

The Forest of Elwynn is human territory in the south of the Eastern Kingdoms. Part of the kingdom of Stormwind, it was ignored during the third war, only sending troops to aid the Alliance forces against the all-encompassing rage of the Undead Scourge. Now, with the world rapidly changing, and boundaries being formed around every corner, the people of Stormwind – and the Alliance, will have to pick a side. Before everything is lost.

The game for humans still begins in Northshire abbey. The newest addition to the game begins with the idea of class levels. Beginning as an adept, you will ‘level up’ as you finish key class quests. Providing you with access to more abilities, and special items. The class quests are considerably more difficult, and can take several levels to finish. (Think Tauren sea form difficult) Here, each class gets all of their quests from their class trainer. Several class trainers (Paladin in particular) claim to be sent here from Theramore Isle in Kalimdor. The Paladins also claim to want to reform the Silver Hand, but lack the numbers and a strong leader to do so. The trainers will give you almost constant quests, if you just followed their quest-chain you could make it about 80% of the way through each area.

After dealing with Northshire Abbey, the player is allowed to move out to Goldshire. Here, your training continues. The player has already been informed of the deadly Defias Brotherhood. Your trainer will inform you of the dangers they pose. The food stores from Westfall have been raided, and the farms in Elwynn are under attack. The Defias are sneakily trying to destroy Stormwind’s food supply. Your job is to discover the motivation behind the Defias and subjugate them through espionage. Several other quests in this area include freeing the Gold Mines from the hold of the Kobold invaders and aiding the Lumber Mill to the east with it’s problems. As well as clearing out the Murlocs. If you investigate further into the gold mines, you will discover that the Kobold were sent by the Defias.

Optionally here, you can choose to do all the sidequests and level up, or follow the main storyline and level up. Doing the sidequests is faster, but the main storyline will provide you with abilities (through class quests) and obviously… story content. After finishing the story content, you return to your trainer, who sends you to your trainer in Stormwind. The trainer in Stormwind tells you you’ve come a long way, and the time has come for you to do your class quest. This quest is a little longer, and will take you from one end of Elwynn to the other. Varying depending on what class you are.

After doing this, you gain your ability and/or item. Then, your trainer informs you that the Defias you’ve dealt with so far were only a small intermediate force designed to weaken Stormwind from within, the true threat still lies within Westfall. Your character journeys there to Hillshire, to meet with Gryan Stoutmantle, who will act as your contact through out these quests. He tells you all about the Defias and recent events. (How quickly they appeared out of nowhere, how they’ve mercilessly been attacking farms.) He informs you of the farms in the area presently under attack, and the quests that follow are mostly dealing with the defias threat. As you move in you discover more and more about their organization. Eventually a courier interception reveals the location of their headquarters: the old Deadmines. Hidden underneath Moonshire. Gryan informs you of the story of Griselda and her Ogre lover, and how Blackhand had her killed for getting involved with an ogre. Proof of the Orc’s brutality.

Now the fun begins, asking you to make a disguise, you sneak into the Defias headquarters, and even meet with the Defias leader Van Cleef. Discovering the layout of the headquarters, you return to Gryan who thanks you for doing so. Now, exposed, Gryan asks you to infiltrate the Deadmines with your allies, and kill Van Cleef. Doing so, Van Cleef curses your name with his last breath, and you return to Gryan with a note on his corpse. Gryan sends the note and you back to Stormwind. Handing the note over to your trainer, he reads it over, and informs you that for the time being, it is not something you need to worry about.

That questline put on hold, you’re now encouraged to journey to Darkshire in Duskwood. The whole area has recently become a cursed forest. Upon arriving, the leader of the town informs the player of recent events, a mysterious army of undead emerged from the graveyard. The people suspect that the Cult of the Damned has attempted to move in on Azerothian soil through Duskwood, but they have no proof.

Through questing, the player will be forced to investigate the origins of the Undead in Duskwood, finding a mysterious wooden stick that emenates great power. A mysterious figure informs the player that it’s the broken end of a mysterious scythe. A scythe belonging to none other than Teron Gorefiend, chief Death Knight of the old Horde. His origins revealed, his motivations a mystery, the people of Duskwood now require the head of the Scythe, it being the only way to destroy the Undead presence in the forest. Following another quest chain, which reveals the location of the other half of Gorefiend’s scythe. After retrieving the scythe, the leader of Darkshire thanks the player and puts the the scythe and handle into the forge’s flames, melting both away.

She tells you to return to Stormwind and meet with your trainer. Here he informs you of the letter’s contents and where to journey to deal with it. The stockades, to do battle with a prisoner there, and interrogate him for information about the Defias. After dealing with this, the quest chain is mostly the same, you journey to Stormwind castle to eavesdrop on a few traitors in the Stormwind ranks. Getting their information, you kill them and bring it to the head of SI:7. SI:7 thanks you, and will peruse this new development.

Your trainer informs you that there is one more town in Stormwind for you to journey to: Lakeshire in the Red Ridge mountains. They’ve lost contact with the township. Journeying there, you discover a rather large Orcish blockade along the way and must sneak by it. The player will then meet up with the mayor of Lakeshire, who informs the player that the Orcish Horde, after years of silence, has invaded the Red Ridge mountains. Bringing huge numbers with them, the forces positioned at Lakeshire have little hope of holding off the Horde.

He tells you to quickly journey back to Stormwind to ask General Harrison for immediate reinforcements. Journeying to Harrison, he informs the player that he pities the Mayor of Lakeshire’s plight, and will endeavor to send more troops as soon as possible. More? The player questions. There are no troops at Lakeshire to begin with. Harrison continues and tells the player the Stormwind army is already stretched thin dealing with the Defias in westfall and Undead in Darkshire. The player questions this as well, there were no troops in Darkshire or Hillshire either.

Journeying back to Lakeshire, you relay the General’s message. The mayor does not think that will be enough troops and tells you to go and beg the leaders of the Night Watch and People’s Militia for aid. Neither can spare the troops, still dealing with the undead and defias forces left over. The mayor is very disappointed, and will need to find some other way to get the edge over the Orcs hiding in the hills. Here, you receive many quests to prepare Lakeshire for the coming Orcish invasion. Repairing the bridge, getting armaments for the troops. Eventually, the town is ready, and a new idea is introduced: the assault. Similar to the Battleground, the Assault is faction-specific Battlegrounds that involve nothing but PvE content. This assault can be done with up to 20 people and involves battling off the Orcs at Lakeshire, then assaulting their fortress that’s hidden in the hills of Red Ridge. After killing their leader, the assault ends, with victory for all involved. The mayor commends you for the victory, and tells you to journey to SI:7 in Stormwind.

Journeying there, the head of SI:7 recaps the events of the last week or so. Elwynn has been freed of all Defias invasion. And the Defias forces in Westfall have fled or have been arrested and are now locked in the stockades. The undead of Darkshire have all been wiped out, but the area still remains cursed and under eternal darkness. The Orcish offensive has been routed, and Van Cleef’s revenge is at an end. For your services to Stormwind, the King would like an audience. The leader explains that King Varian himself would like to thank the player for his efforts, and the player receives a special item, but from Lady Prestor instead of King Varian.

Now that Stormwind has been saved, the Alliance armies (People’s Militia, Night Watch, Stormwind and Lakeshire’s forces) intend to assault the Blackrock Spire directly. But the hero is needed elsewhere. The leader of SI:7 informs the player of Theramore… an island nation off the coast of Kalimdor. An emissary from Theramore journeyed back to the Eastern Kingdoms about a year ago. Coming to both Dun Morogh and Stormwind, the Kings of these two nations were informed of the continent of Kalimdor, and the mysterious Night Elves that live there, as well as being the new homeland of the Orcish Horde – something which Varian was very curious about. The emissary was quick to make it clear that these Orcs were not the Orcs of the first and second wars, having turned away from the magic of Demons and instead focusing on Shamanism, they lived in peace with the humans of the region. Not wanting to create an international incident, but curious to see these lands for himself, Varian traveled to Theramore… but never arrived and never returned.

SI:7 informs the player of a few other tasks they could perform. Their dwarven allies to the north have been having trouble with Troggs and the Undead to the north, journeying there and helping them out might be prudent. He then sends you back to your trainer. Your trainer tells you about the lands to the south – the untapped wilderness of the Stranglethorn Vale. There riches may be had, powers may be gained. It’s a definite place for exploring. Stranglethorn, unlike many other areas I’ve described in the game – will have no storyline. It’ll just be a big wide, open jungle with many collection and side quests. Numerous resources.

To continue the story, one may journey to Menethil Harbor and either meet with the head of the Dwarven Military in the barracks and pick up from the Dwarven Story at this point, or head to the inn and continue the espionage storyline about Stormwind’s missing king. Human storyline continues as the player meets up with the SI:7 and TI agents at the docks. The SI:7 agent informs you that he’s been questioning people at Menethil about the diplomat who departed. Eventually, through investigation it’s revealed that the diplomat was put on board a ship headed for Theramore (that’s to be expected). The SI:7 agent receives a description of the ship, and hands it over to the TI agent. The TI agent asks the player to come across the sea, a daunting suggestion, but one the player must accept to progress the storyline.

Following him across the sea, he guides you into the office of TI. Here the head of TI asks you to meet with his lady Jaina Proudmoore, and to go and meet with your class trainer. Jaina tells you about the issues of Theramore. Peace with the Orcs has been fruitful, but certain hawks in the Horde military have been itching to go to war with the Alliance. While she trusts Thrall, she doesn’t believe that he’s fully capable of keeping control of his faction. Jaina tells the player that with Stormwind’s problems and the fall of Lordaeron, Theramore has become the defacto capital of the Alliance faction. As such, Jaina has been able to keep the other Alliance forces at bay, and prevent them from wanting to assault Durotar directly.

But, she has no idea how long that will last. If Varian’s kidnapping got out, an invasion into the Horde’s land would be planned within a week. She tells the player that it is infinitely important that they find him. Or else risk open war with the Horde. After a short quest, you kill the Theramore traitor who helped the Naga and Defias kidnap the king. Finding evidence on his person you go and meet with Jaina.

She hands over the evidence the TI agent collected. You look it over and discover a Naga pendant, as well as a missive from Van Cleef in Westfall. It appears the Defias had joined forces with the Naga, Van Cleef, in this letter mentions the Orcish invasion and Undead presence in Duskwood – suspicious, almost as if it was all part of a grand scheme. Jaina doesn’t know of any Naga left in the area, and is of no help. Journeying back to TI headquarters, the head of Theramore intelligence informs the player that a recent meeting between the heads of the Horde and Sentinels has been met with tragedy – and assassination attempt on Tyrande Whisperwind’s head. Tension between the Sentinel Army and the Horde is now red hot, and the head of the Druid faction of the Night Elves has requested an audience with Jaina Proudmoore in private.

Jaina appears, and agrees to go with them. She teleports herself, the player and her entourage to Darnassus and meets with Fandral Staghelm in the Temple of the Moon. Jaina asks Staghelm where Tyrande is. Fandral informs Jaina that it was Tyrande’s incompetence that almost got her killed, and her trust for the Orcs. Jaina questions what Fandral wants. Fandral informs her that an orcish invasion into Ashenvale… to claim the lumber they so desperately need is imminent. He will require supplies from the Theramore navy if he ever hopes to hold off and compete with the Horde’s massive armed forces.

Jaina agrees to Fandral’s terms, not wanting to turn away a potential ally. But she refuses to lend any military support to the Night Elf’s cause. Jaina, now allied with the Night Elves, teleports herself and her entourage back to Theramore. The Warsong Gulch battleground is now open, and Night Elf towns are now accessible by Alliance players. After completing a series of quests in Ashenvale that is – learning the Night Elven language, the customs, gathering supplies for them, all that important stuff. But the quest becomes open after Jaina meets with Fandral.

After finishing this quest, the chain for Theramore is mostly finished. Jaina tells you to return to Stormwind with news of the Naga, her fleet will begin their search up and down the coast for any signs of Naga or the King’s missing ship. After returning to Stormwind, you report back to the head of SI:7 who informs you that things have not been going well. The Stormwind invasion into Blackrock Spire was a catastrophe. The Orcs almost seemed to be ready for their every move. And now what’s left of the invasion force has set up camp to the south of the spire, hoping to hold out and eventually push in.

For the time being, things have been resolved, but there’s other bad news – there’s been a leak. A civilian has discovered that King Wrynn is not only missing, but was attacked on his way to Kalimdor. There’s no question that if the general populace finds out about this, they’ll blame the Horde in Kalimdor, and Stormwind will be pushed into an invasion force. SI:7 is opposed to this. Not so much out of a love for Orcs, but out of devotion to Jaina, and because it’s a foreign land of which they have no knowledge, and because they’re army is trapped in the Burning Steppes.

The head of SI:7 sends you back to the head of TI. The TI head informs you that is extremely important that they track down Varian Wrynn. He sends you to look for Naga along Kalimdor’s east coast. Eventually, you come to find some on the northeast shore of Dustwallow Marsh. There are a few of them slithering around the wreckage of a boat. You overhear two of them talking, about how Lady Serpentra will be disappointed if they cannot find their lost crew member. He crashed somewhere along the coast. Sending a pigeon with a message to the TI head, you receive word: find Wrynn. He must be in that wreckage somewhere.

Eventually you do, speaking with him, you discover that Black Dragons and Naga attacked his ship and ran it aground, just after he’d managed to kill a planted Defias agent. He agrees that they must get to the Human compound based in Dustwallow before the Naga discover them. Just then, Lady Serpentra appears, and tells Varian that he must come with her, or face death. Just as a bunch of Naga Royal Guards slither out beside them, surrounding the pair. Varian and the player(s) are ensnared and prevented from escaping.

Serpentra moves in to capture them when Lady Jaina teleports onto the scene, standing in-between her and Wrynn with a few Theramore elite guard. The two stare eachother down. Jaina asks who this Naga is and what she’s doing here. The naga informs Jaina that she was sent by her lady, Varian’s capture will guarantee that they receive the support they need in order to finish the great task they have been given.

Jaina asks about her lady, and the great task, when the Naga attack, Jaina is forced to begin casting spells and help the fight. Serpentra slithers up and grabs Varian, before blasting the player away into the water. She jumps into the water, with her Naga Royal Guard in pursuit. Jaina teleports herself and the player back to Theramore, having failed to get Varian back. Jaina tells the player that the Naga have fled into Horde territory, by the time they get permission to send their fleet in, they’ll be impossible to track down.

Jaina informs the player that there’s bad news from SI:7, though. The information about Varian has leaked, and the people of Stormwind are, of course, blaming the Horde. Jaina tells the player that she’ll co-ordinate with Thrall and try to find a way to track down the Naga. But for the time being, you need to journey back to Stormwind to try and help SI:7 control the populace. The SI:7 agent informs the player of the Stormwind riots, and how Prestor is now having trouble controlling the people. The player informs him of the Black Dragons that attacked Varian’s ship, and all the other mysterious happenings. The SI:7 agent theorizes that there’s a black dragon hiding himself among the people of Stormwind, but he can’t think of who it’d be, it’d have to be someone in a fairly high ranking position in the city. This is something they’ll have to figure out to solve the issue, he sends you to Prestor. Prestor tells the player that she has a few suspects herself, but for now she’s managed to abate the populace by increasing the forces she’s sent into Blackrock to battle the orcs based there.

She tells the player that she’s sending him/her in as well. They need all the help they can get. The player is sent to the Burning Steppes to enlist with the army there. There he meets with Marshall Windsor, head of the Stormwind Army in Burning Steppes. Here you get to know him as he sends you around the area, doing various tasks to help them in their war against the Orcs. Eventually, Windsor sends you back to Stormwind, after a devastating confrontation with the Orcs leaves the force you’re accompanying dead. He wonders if Danath, Terenas, Uther, Lothar had to deal with such things. He wonders if they can ever hope to defeat the Orcs. He needs re-inforcements now, though, and as you return to Prestor for re-inforcements, she tells you that she’ll be sending some as soon as possible.

You return to the Burning Steppes to find Prestor’s army there, at the outpost. The leader of this force greets you and tells you that they came here to find the post abandoned. Marshall Windsor must have been taken captive in the fortress. Blackrock Depths is a zone instead of a tediously long dungeon. Here you meet with the strike-force that has come down here to rescue Windsor. Battling through the area through a series of quests and other such stuff. (There’s a dwarven outpost down here as well). Eventually, of course he is released, he informs the player about how they’ve all been duped, and that the Defias in Westfall, the Forsaken in Arathi, the Naga near Theramore, the Undead in Duskwood, and the Orcs… they’ve all been in league with one another. Stromgarde, Gilneas and Kul Tiras’ fall after the third war was engineered by this insidious being, as was all the trouble they’ve been having in Stormwind. An attempt to bring down what remains of the human powers left in the Eastern Kingdoms, an attempt by the insidious black dragonflight. And if they’re not stopped now, they will succeed for sure.

Windsor rides off and meets the player at Stormwind. Together, the two of them charge the Keep, guards and General Marsh getting in their way. Windsor convinces Marsh that together they can be just like the heroes in the Valley, they can save Stormwind from the apex of untimely destruction. Marsh joins the charge as more Stormwind soldiers get in the way, Marsh and Windsor are forced to strike down their brothers for what they believe in, and eventually come to Stormwind Keep.

Prestor greets the two of them, as Fordragon steps forward. Fordragon tells them and their men to stand down. Marsh charges, and locks swords with Fordragon, distracting him, as Windsor tells Prestor about the runes he found in Blackrock. About how he captured and interrogated one of the Orcs to discover the identity of the traitor black dragon… and with that he casts a rune on Prestor… transforming her into Onyxia. Onyxia roars at the gathering forces, as Marsh manages to knock Fordragon’s pendant off, returning him to his rightful self. The four soldiers stare up at Onyxia as she grabs Windsor. “This isn’t the end!” she yells, crashing through the ceiling of Stormwind Keep, as her Stormwind guards manage to transform into dragonkin that do battle with the gathering Stormwind forces.

Bolvar tells you how Onyxia managed to sneak into Stormwind Keep, and how his mind was enslaved. He sends you to Jaina to ask for reinforcements. Now that Onyxia is gone, her manipulation is at an end. Jaina, and their new Night Elven allies, are all too willing to take up the cause against the hated black dragonflight. And the final conquest of the human storyline begins. Troops pour into Upper Blackrock Spire as Rend and Maim and their warriors try to stop you and your forces. Eventually, reaching the top, you confront Onyxia and her prisoner, Windsor. Onyxia taunts the humans and Night Elves. Telling them how easy they were to manipulate, and how weak they all were now that all their heroes and leaders were dead. Marshall Windsor sounds the charge, declaring that the people of Stormwind are the true heroes, and the final battle with Onyxia begins.

After Onyxia is dead, she tells them that their battle is not over, though they may have killed her, her mission was not a true failure. All of the other human kingdoms have been destroyed thanks to her, Stormwind is still lost and alone without it’s king. She dies, knowing she’s ruined them. Jaina stands atop the broken corpse of Onyxia and talks to her dead body, telling her that the spirit of humanity lives on, despite all their trials. Despite the Horde, despite the Scourge… despite traitors in their own ranks. They’ll always work hard and move forward.

The gathered generals applaud her, and thank her for her aid. As their king is still missing, Bolvar decides to appoint Jaina regent of Stormwind in his absence, seeing that the young girl he once knew has grown into a fine young woman. Jaina declines, saying that she is not a citizen of Stormwind, and has no place leading it’s people personally. She defers to Bolvar, and tells him that it’s up to him to lead his people now. General Marsh seconds the notion, and Bolvar is appointed. Marshal Windsor died during the battle, everyone is sad about this. They return to Stormwind and hang Onyxia’s head in the Valley of Heroes, proving humanity’s dominance over the forces of deception and insidiousness, swearing to track down and bring their king home.



Main conflict: With Tandred Proudmoore and the remains of the Kul Tiras navy. Mostly with the Centaur and Night Elves as well, however.

The stories for Mulgore and Durotar begin much the same, with a larger focus on Centaur and Quillbeasts, and with a mysterious Kul Tiras spy who is found near Orgrimmar. His missive is coded, and it will take some time to crack. In Mulgore, it’s discovered that the Centaur are now working with an unknown party to bring Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar to their knees. Both areas also have a quest chain involving being indoctrinated into the Horde in different ways. (Mulgore training is more a rite of passage, Durotar more like military trainer.)

The Barrens continues both plotlines, as the two merge together, if you play a Tauren the leader of the Horde forces at the Crossroads fills you in on the Durotar happenings and vice-versa. Just then, a centaur invasion takes place at the Crossroads and the forces there must fight them off. The head of the Horde military there, Colonel Gruff (placeholder name, whatever) wonders what the cause of the recent Centaur aggression is, and sends you on a few missions around the barrens. Dealing with the Centaur thread and such. Eventually, it becomes clear that the Centaur are striking out from the Wailing Caverns, they’ve taken control of a sect of Night Elf druids that have been corrupted by the Nightmare. Doing battle with the Centaur, they’re victorious and kill the chieftan in charge of the invasion, and discover a letter from archdruid Fandral Staghelm implicating him.

Bringing this to Gruff, he looks it over and thinks this is worth investigating, but will be troublesome. He explains: at the end of the Third war, after the treaty had been drawn up, the night elves had allotted the Orcs a certain portion of Ashenvale Forest. Feeling that they owed them some part of it. This, of course, angered the extremists in the druid’s ranks. Especially those at Moonglade, namely a high-ranking druid known as Fandral Staghelm. Gruff asks you to bring this note to Thrall at once.

Thrall tells the player about the tension in Ashenvale, the Horde, at present, due to it’s massive expansion south of the Barrens into the Thousand Needles, now has a lumber shortage, and they are only permitted a certain portion of the lumber. He has already planned a summit with Tyrande Whisperwind asking for larger lumber stores, but she is tenuous to give it to him, it will be decided definitively at the summit itself.

Thrall informs the player that he must journey into Ashenvale now, to aid the lumber expedition there, and to prepare for his and Cairne’s arrival. Upon getting there, the player receives several quests, some of which involve preparing the milita in case it comes to that at the summit. Some orcs give sidequests that involve sabotaging the efforts of the Silverwing Sentinels who have been raiding the Warsong Lumber camps. You can choose to do these quests or not depending on what you believe.

Eventually, the final preparations have been made in Ashenvale and Cairne and Thrall arrive at Silverwing point to meet with Tyrande and her sentinels. Shandris is there, as is Fandral. Fandral continues to say how foolish he thinks this meeting is, and how they should not be meeting with Orcs. The discussions begin, and Tyrande agrees to give a small amount more land to the Orcs, and agrees to look into Fandral’s treachery. Fandral is visibly annoyed when an assassin emerges from the crowd, he throws a knife at Tyrande, which hits her in the arm. She yelps in pain, as her tiger roars. Shandris quickly sharp-shoots the asssassin before he can react again. It’s an orc. A huge melee breaks out at this point, with orcs and night elves battling eachother non-stop.

Tyrande is carried away on her tiger as Fandral disappears into the woods. Shandris tells her sentinels to hold the line, as the Orcs begin charging. Thrall tells his troops to fall back too, as Cairne roars, launching a few night elves into the air. The two of them flee to Warsong Outpost. There, Thrall tells his generals that this is the end of peace with the Night Elves for now. Tell their forces to go on high alert. He will likely not be able to meet with Tyrande again. For fear of retaliation, or another attack from traitors in his own ranks. He tells the player that he suspects foul play is involved, but there is no time now, the forsaken, an undead faction in Lordaeron have sent word to him, asking him for his aid. Feeling that the Forsaken’s plight of being cast out and hunted is all too familiar, he sends you to meet with them from Hammerfall.

At this point, stuff goes down and after a quest chain, you are invited to ally yourself with the Undead Forsaken, and you receive a mail message from Thrall asking you to return to Durotar (as the Forsaken quest becomes available). He tells you about the trouble with the Centaur in Desolace.

Journeying to Ghostwalker post, the player is informed of all the recent happenings, the Horde’s invasion into Desolace has gone off without a hitch, but now the Centaur are regrouping and preparing to counter-attack. The quests here mostly involve fighting the Centaur and invading Maraudon. You’re also told of the Stranglethorn Vale where the Trolls have been having trouble there with various things. This is just a side area with no clear storyline.

Eventually, after dealing with one of the Centaur clans (one of your choice), you find out the location of the hidden fortress of the Centaur and how to get in. You battle your way through and eventually reach Princess Theadres. After destroying her, you find out she was the mother of the Centaur, and lead the charge against the horde. You find another note from Fandral Staghelm. Proving his involvement, and from this note also discover that the Alliance and Night Elves have joined forces. You bring this note to Gruff in Desolace, and he tells you to return to Thrall, this is bad.

Thrall welcomes you back, and reads the note over. He’s deeply disappointed in Jaina’s decision to join forces with the Night Elves. Just then, as if on queue, Jaina teleports into the Orgrimmar throne room. She tells Thrall about Varian’s capture by the Naga, and asks for his help in tracking him down. Thrall is quick to change the subject and asks her about the Night Elf alliance. Jaina tells Thrall that the Alliance has been split to the breaking point, the Forsaken have conquered Lordaeron City, Dalaran and Stromgarde, Naga have wiped out Kul Tiras and Gilneas, and the Ironforge dwarves are hard pressed to hold back the Troggs.

The Alliance needs all the help it can get. Thrall is disappointed in Jaina for doing this, but asks what she needs. Jaina says that she needs permission to send her fleet into central Kalimdor to hunt for Naga, if they don’t track down the King, Stormwind might seek war with the Horde. Thrall tells Jaina that he will send his forces to hunt down Varian, but due to her ‘treachery’, will not allow her fleet to enter Durotar sea space. Jaina understands, but is also a little pissed off, she teleports away.

Thrall tells the player that now that the Centaur have been dealt with, the finding of Stormwind’s king is priority number one. He sends you to track down clues about Varian’s location. This is a big mystery quest and you are given no starting point, there are several characters you can ask about Naga, and eventually you track them down to the Tanaris desert, after a long series of quests, you track down the Naga leader and beat her into submission. Serpentra tells you that she handed Wrynn over, mysteriously, to a group of Black Dragons and… of all things, Theramore soldiers. Curious. You report this to the Horde intelligence officer at Tanaris. He tells you that Thrall wants to meet with you again. You meet with Thrall, and he tells you that Alcaz Island is a huge island off the coast of Tanaris.

Jaina teleports into the room and Thrall tells her what he’s found out. Jaina is pleased, but thinks this all sounds too easy. Thrall agrees, but Tanaris is outside his territory anyway. As a sign of good faith, and to keep relations between the races strong, the Theramore and Orgrimmar fleets meet in the Tanaris bay. The player is teleported there by Jaina, and a conquest of Alcaz Island begins, ending with finding a black dragon at the end, after killing it, a note is found on his person, describing an alliance between the Defias, Blackrock Orcs and the Orcs of Kalimdor. Jaina thinks the note is suspicious, and Thrall tells her that he didn’t write it. Jaina believes him. Somethings fishy, though, and as the two of them return to Orgrimmar, Jaina receives word that she must journey to Stormwind to help them battle the Blackrock Orcs. Thrall thanks her for her help and turns to the player, he suspects that Jaina’s control over her forces is not absolute, and suspects there may be traitors there. But knows that he is probably vulnerable too, there seem to be hidden interlopers and secret plots around every corner.

Just then, Nazgrel runs in and informs Thrall that the Theramore fleet has just turned on them and is heading for Durotar as they speak. Apparently, the fake note from Thrall was passed around the high-ranking Theramore officers, and what’s left of the fleet at Theramore is now bearing down on Orgrimmar, meanwhile Night Elf forces have begun their invasion of the Barrens from the north. Thrall tells the player that there’s no time to waste, they must fight back at once. The final battle between Alliance and Horde in Kalimdor has begun. Defeating the Night Elf invasion forces first, they turn their attention towards Theramore. (Two assaults are back to back here.) Invading into Theramore, you do battle with the Theramore elite guard, making your way to Jaina’s throne room. Arriving there, you meet the enemy… Tandred Proudmoore. The one who planed the note from Thrall, the one who’s been accompanying Jaina all this time, the one who allied with Prestor to kidnap Wrynn in an attempt to start a war with the Horde. (Not realizing that the Naga would be the ones who would be kidnapping Wrynn.) He tells Thrall that now that his sister is busy dealing with the Blackrock Clan, he’ll deal with the orcs on Kalimdor. Thrall does battle with Tandred personally, as Cairne watches. (Cairne is there! Yay!) Eventually Tandred is struck down, and Thrall has him surrounded by his raiders.

Jaina teleports into the room and asks what’s going on, why is Thrall here. Thrall tells Jaina about Tandred and Fandral’s plot to invade Durotar. Jaina is shocked, and scolds Tandred. She tells him about the benefits of peace, and how they’re all going to need to learn to slowly work together if they want to beat the challenges that Azeroth have left for them. Tandred argues with Jaina, telling her that she’s weak and that their father would be ashamed of them for siding with such monsters, and he reminds her that they were the ones who killed him in the first place. Jaina tells Tandred that he’s wrong… they didn’t kill him, she did. She was the one who gave them permission to do so. Tandred is furious, but Jaina tells him that someday he’ll understand why she did it. Thrall tells Jaina that he’s ready to leave once again. And Jaina wishes him farewell. Thrall tells the player that they performed valiantly, and that they will be ready to face whatever challenges await them in the future.


Main conflict: Horde and Burning Legion

The Sentinel story begins with a recap of the events prior to World of WarCraft. The narrator explains how the loss of the Night Elves’ immortality left them lost, and alone. A charismatic druid known as Fandral Staghelm and his fellow druids attempted to grow a new World Tree off the coast of northern Ashenvale. The tree, of course, quickly grew and prospered, and even granted the Night Elves their immortality back.

Now, their once great society being rebuilt on Teldrassil, the night elves attempt to gain back all that they have lost. Their great empire, their powers over nature, all of it.

The story begins much the same on Teldrasil, you’re a fledgling night elf tasked with living on Teldrassil and helping your people out. Reduce the beast populations, investigate mysterious happenings at the Barrow Dens, but nothing major. Everything seems good. Teldrassil is a good base of operations for the Night Elves and they have their immortality back.

Eventually, however, through a series of quests on Teldrassil it becomes apparent that all is not well. There are demons on the tree. The plant life is becoming corrupt, and the animals are becoming aggressive and violent, the penultimate event occurs when you journey into the Ban’ethil Barrow Den and discover that the druids have all gone insane. Defeating the head druid, you confront Fandral, who informs you that the Burning Legion must be returning… and now it’s even more important that they work together to rebuild their vast empire. (It becomes apparent that Fandral has kinda lost it at this point.)

Speaking with Priestess Mandra in the Temple of the Moon, she tells you what’s really causing all these problems: the tree itself. The tree itself is beginning to corrupt the Emerald Dream, the tree itself is calling to the legion, the tree itself is corrupting all of nature. You ask where Shando Stormrage is to deal with this, and she informs you that a year ago, he disappeared in the dream for his annual inspection and never woke up. That’s when Fandral took control of most of the druids. (The few exceptions opting to stay with Remulos at Moonglade.) You ask where Tyrande is, Tyrande wanders the forest as she always had. Working dilligently and personally to battle the forces of the legion and other threats.

She sends you on a hippogryph directly to Tyrande. Tyrande for the time being is at Moonglade discussing things with Remulos. Landing, she greets you and tells you about some of the problems in ashenvale. Though the legion was defeated at Mount Hyjal, many of their forces still lurk in the Kal’dorei’s ancient groves. Especially in the Felwood. She tells you that a good starting point would be the Darkshore, where Felwood’s toxic ooze has likely corrupted the shoreline.

She sends you by Hippogryph to Darkshore (Moonglade is on the other side of Hyjal, where it’s supposed to be). Quests here are very similar, and eventually you must journey into the Naga cave (this is a dungeon) in order to do battle with the leader of the gathering legion forces in Darkshore – a dreadlord named Neltik. After killing him, you return to Darkshore and are sent back to Tyrande at Moonglade, who tells you that you’ve done well and that she approves. She tells you that now they have other problems to deal with: the Horde in Ashenvale has attacked Sentinel outposts. Though there are rumours that her own forces may have begun causing trouble for them in turn, an agreement must be made with the Horde, and Thrall has planned a summit at Silverwing Point. Tyrande tells you that preparations must be made before they meet there, and loans you a tiger which rides to Astranaar from the Moonglade. Tyrande accompanies you and sits in the town now, being your guide, she gives you the preparation quests.

After you’ve finished this chain, Tyrande informs you that you will accompany her to Silverwing Point to meet with the Orcs. Just then, cutting the both of you off, is Fandral and his druids. Fandral asks why he was not informed about this meeting between Sentinels and Horde. Tyrande informs him that it’s none of his business, and she was going to take care of it. Fandral insists on accompanying her, and the two and their forces walk to Silverwing point. During the meeting, the assassination attempt takes place and fighting breaks out, Tyrande rides back to Astranaar where you meet her.

Tyrande informs you that thanks to the Horde’s betrayal, she’s going to loose her influence with the Night Elves, her trust has betrayed her. She now feels very alone, but swears to continue her mission of battling the legion. Shandris walks up and informs the priestess that even if the rest of the Night Elves turn on her, she still has her support. But now Fandral will take control of Teldrassil and the rest of the Night Elves, it’s like Mandra won’t be able to spy on him anymore. Tyrande turns to you and tells you to return to Darnassus, you, not being as closely tied with Tyrande, will probably be able to get closer to him than any of her agents.

You return to Fandral and he greets you, telling you how now that he’s in charge of the Night Elves, things are going to be done a lot differently. His first order, is to claim the southern border of Ashenvale for the Night Elves, never again will Orcs walk in their enchanted forests. He sends you to Theramore, to ask for the aid of the humans, he tells you about the history of Orcs and Humans and how much they despise eachother.

Here you must do a quest to gain entry to Theramore and to speak Common. Once you do, you meet with Jaina and she accepts your terms. You journey back to Fandral who informs you that the warsong clan’s response to the new conflict is to raid their villages along the eastern coast of Aszhara. Your goal in these quests is of course to beat back this renewed Orcish invasion force and claim Azshara back in the name of the Night Elves. You do this, and the end is a conquest on the Orcish fortress established in Azshara, killing the general based there.

Now the orcs having been defeated, you quickly report back to Tyrande at Nighthaven, who sends you back to Fandral to receive your next orders. Fandral tells you that the time has come to finish what’s left of the Burning Legion in Ashenvale, to make their domination over the forest complete. He sends you to Winterspring to start this, but in order to get to Winterspring you must first ally yourself with the Timbermaw Furbolgs of Ashenvale. Using their passageways under Mount Hyjal in order to gain entry.

After doing this, you journey to Snowstar Post in Winterspring, and must do quests involving a massive battle with the Legion, leading up to a massive battle at the Post, where you lose a lot of your troops. It turns out that the legion invasion force is using Teldrassil as a medium to teleport more troops into Azeroth to do battle with. You bring this information to Fandral who – of course, ignores it. You bring it to Tyrande, who tells you that they’ll never convince Fandral to tear down Teldrassil, their only option left now is to get rid of the Legion’s base of operations… Felwood.

The final battle begins, Tyrande leads the charge into Felwood, Shandris and her sentinels following behind. This zone ends with a massive invasion into the Legion’s base in Felwood, and a battle with Lord Kazzak. Kazzak is familiar with Tyrande, and taunts her about her loss of Furion and how the forests of Ashenvale continue to be corrupted, the Night Elves under Tyrande do battle with the demon and kill him utterly, ending the threat of the Legion in Ashenvale for the time being.

The Legion defeated, Tyrande returns to Fandral, and even he has to admit that she’s done well, especially after the failure of the Night Elf invasion into the Barrens. She is reinstated as high general of the Night Elven forces, despite the fact that Fandral retains his position as head of the Night Elves. The Night Elves have a big celebration for Tyrande and their heroes.


Main Conflict: Humans, Humans, Humans, Dwarves, Scourge.

The Forsaken story begins much the same. You awaken, undead, in a crypt. You meet with the gravedigger, he sends you to Deathkneel. Deathknell has no Scourge in it, though. The entirety of the Tirisfal Glades is about battling the Scarlet Crusade raiders, that are attacking from the Agamand Mills that they captured.

Most of the quests in Tirisfal involve you doing battle with the Scarlet Crusade and finding ingrediants for the Forsaken’s new plague, as well as tracking down ‘persons of interest’ for the Dark Lady and her banshees. Unlike the other three areas where you have one main questline, this has three. The main storyline, the plague development and ‘persons of interest’. All three must be completed to progress the narrative.

The first persons of interest is a Scarlet Crusade mage based outside the Monastery. She has information about their holdings through out Lordaeron, and would be a great boon to the Banshee Queen, after concocting a plague sample, you feed it to her, transforming her into one of the Forsaken. The Banshee Queen is pleased with your success, and rewards you with a more difficult mission – Garona Halforcen, would make a great addition to the Forsaken ranks. She wouldn’t even need to be undead. Her knowledge of Medivh and his tower, her friendship with Khadgar, it would be prudent to track her down. This plotline ends unresolved in silverpine forest, and the climax of this battle is a raid into Silverfang Keep to do battle with Arugal – a scarlet crusade mage, and to smuggle the new plague across the Greymane Gate, which is a success, though Gilneas cannot be visited. Sylvanas informs you that Gilneas has fallen, the last of humanity’s greatest kingdoms have fallen. She now sends you to continue your search for Garona, in the Hillsbrad Foothills this time, apparently a group of human farmers have held out there, and the main plotline for this area is to destroy what’s left of their holdings while tracking down Garona.

Eventually, you destroy the farmers and meet with Garona. Garona faces you down, and you find out some of her history – who her mother was, how she killed Llane, you bring her before Sylvanas, who manages to convince Garona that she should join the Forsaken, because they are all so alike. Garona agrees, and joins the ranks of the Forsaken. Sylvanas, now pleased that she has two new minions, is content to send you to Arathi to finish off what remains of the human kingdoms in the north. One of the undead servants in Sylvanas’ throne room is usually Liam Kreegan, a Stromgarde General turned Forsaken soldier. You meet him at Defiler Post in Arathi. Kreegan tells you about the Dark Ladies’ plans to assault Stromgarde and take over the keep, but to the north a group of Orcs have set up shop – a town called Hammerfall.

He hates Orcs with every fiber of his being. They ransacked his kingdom and invaded his homeland, and he would never personally choose to work with them, but he also serves the Dark Lady, and knows that disobeying her would be a big mistake. We also meet Nathanos Blightcaller at this point, who is the Dark Lady’s most important general. He tells you about her plans.

Here you have the option of journeying to Hammerfall and completing a quest chain to ally yourself with the Horde. Many Forsaken hate the Horde (as they’re human), and refuse to work with them. Kreegan gives you a series of quests to prepare for your assault on stromgarde (including killing the current king of the city). After wiping out the Stromgarde guards, Nathanos and Kreegan move in and claim Stromgarde for the Dark Lady. Now this is the new flightpath and major questing hub for Arathi. The persons of interest quest involved in this area is finding the destroyed remains of a human, supposedly stolen from Lordaeron four years ago. Also after winning over Stromgarde, the “Thandol Span” battleground (replacing Arathi Basin) is opened up.

Receiving the remains, Sylvanas has her necromancers bring the skull back to life, and it’s revealed to be none other than – Grand Marshall Garithos. Sylvanas recognizes that bringing Garithos’ head back to life can giver her key tactical insight into the Scarlet Crusade. She tortures Garithos’ skull until he tells her what she wants him to.

Sylvanas informs the player that before they take the fight to the Scarlet Crusade and finish them off, they’ll need to reclaim Alterac from Mugthol. Another conquest takes place, involving invading Alterac and killing Mugthol. Now, with Alterac, Gilneas and Stromgarde under her control, only Stormwind in the south remains outside of Forsaken hands. And once they deal with the Scarlet Crusade, they can move on to do that.

Garithos has been broken, and has told the player that his forces would have hidden bases in every village along the King’s Road, and probably be striking from Stratholme. Varimathras informs the Dark Lady that this is probably a trap, and that they shouldn’t believe what he’s telling them. The next quests begin at level 50, at the bottom of the King’s road… Strahnbrad. There’s South and North Plaguelands in place of Eastern and Western. Quests involve moving up the king’s road battle Scarlet Crusaders (again, no Scourge in the game whatsoever until patch 1.1.0). Eventually, you receive a quest from a Banshee: a persons of Interest… Tirion Fordring. You must do much the same quests with Tirion as you did before, break into Hearthglen, get Taelan, Taelan is killed, Tirion swears revenge and joins the Forsaken after some convincing from Sylvanas.

Now, the time has come at last, the final battle with the SC… Stratholme. Invading the city, Tirion and Sylvanas lead the charge, they need to bring down Grand Crusader Dathro’han. After a long drawn out battle with the Crusade, they arrive at the Stratholme Town Hall, where Dathro’han and his forces are holding out, confronting him, Tirion casts a spell of the light on him during the fight. Dathro’han shreeks in pain, and his disguise is broken… it’s Balnazzar! The Dreadlord that Sylvanas believed to be dead.

Balnazzar begins to fight the pair of them with impunity, and eventually he is brought down. Sylvanas commends Tirion on a well-fought fight, but Tirion just feels cold and empty for how hollow this victory is. Garithos suddenly pipes up and mentions something along the lines of ‘so I guess my use to you is at an end… again…’ and Sylvanas says something like “Sure is.” And smashes him into dust. Sylvanas leads her forces back to Lordaeron City where she confronts Varimathras, asking him about Balnazzar and how he’s still alive. Varimathras tries to make a feeble excuse, that it is forbidden for him to kill another Nathrezim, that he wouldn’t dare strike down his brother, but he’s still loyal to Sylvanas and – after these words, Sylvanas stabs Varimathras in the heart, killing him. Varimathras explodes in a burst of energy. (This outline doesn’t portray this, but Varimathras would have had a much larger role in the storyline, guiding much of the military combat.)

Lordaeron now belongs to Sylvanas, but she senses that a lingering presence rests beyond her viewpoint. Where did the SC get all their troops? How was the mightiest soldier of all time, the Ashbringer, felled by his son so easily…? All of these questions and more continued to haunt her, but she had a feeling she’d be getting some answers very soon.

Also, Dwarves have their own plotline but I don’t really care about it so, lots of troggs, lots of Dark Iron Dwarves, lots of artifacts, some undead, king of the Dark Irons and princess Moira hook up, Magni is depressed, blahblahblah.

Post-Patch 1.0.0:

Scourge Invasion (1.1.0)

Major conflict: Scourge
Character focus: Sylvanas Windrunner, Tirion Fordring, Bishop Benedictus, Stormwind Army, Kel’thuzad!!

The conflict begins with a hot-fix the day before the big patch. A few acolytes sit in the Vandemar Village inn sipping beer and appearing friendly to Forsaken players. A day later, the patch hits and they begin walking out to a point in the field where a ritual circle has been established. As they leave, an undead soldier shouts out “CULTISTS!” and points at them, they begin running away and the event begins.

Scourge soldiers begin charging the ritual circle, battling the Forsaken death guard, eventually there are more numerous and powerful scourge soldiers attacking the ritual circle. A huge battle breaks out, and the cryers in all three Horde cities cry for troops to move to Tirisfal to battle the Scourge. But only those loyal to the Forsaken.

The battle continues, and eventually, even the players will not be able to hold back the Scourge summoners, which allows Naxxramas to be summoned up above the Capital City. Sylvanas runs out with Tirion in tow. Tirion turns to her and informs her that Kel’thuzad must have been planning this attack for years. Sylvanas tells Tirion that there’s nothing to be concerned about, and that her forces will be able to fight back the Scourge.

Eventually Undercity falls, the Forsaken regroup at Dalaran and Kel’thuzad offers them a way to return to the Lich King’s ranks. Sylvanas and Tirion – understandably (especially Tirion) refuse. Kel’thuzad teleports away, and they perform a massive invasion of Lordaeron city together, forcing Kel’thuzad and his scourge out.

Now Naxxramas becomes open, and it’s mostly the same. There’s a lot more story about the bosses and things – especially Mograine. Who tells you how he once believed in the light and how distraught he was when his own son betrayed him to monsters. It becomes clear that Kel’thuzad was the one behind Varimathras and Balnazzar’s treachery, and that he had planned to pit the human and free undead in Lordaeron against eachother, during the fight, Mograine slowly begins to realize this, and eventually admits it. He gives you his corrupted sword as he dies, telling you to find it a home with a Paladin worthy of wielding it, as he feels he is not.

You eventually confront Kel’thuzad, who is talking with the Lich King. The Lich King invites you to rejoin him again, impartially telling you (when you automatically refuse) that eventually you will come back to him, it makes no difference in the long run. Kel’thuzad informs you that this contest is meaningless, he is immortal, even if you kill him he will come back to life simply more powerful than before. And you kill him and he tells you how he’s coming back even more powerful than before!

Fun bit during the battle will have the Lich King take control of all Forsaken party-members, forcing them to fight their allies. Simply using “Will of the Forsaken” will cure this effect.

Alliance version of this storyline is much less complex. Jaina asks all the other Alliance nations to send aid to Lordaeron to help fight the Scourge. Fandral isn’t interested in sailing across the ocean, Bolvar in Stormwind has just finished battling the Blackrock Clan and isn’t interested in starting another war, while the Dwarves don’t want to help the Undead. Jaina and her emissaries however, (in each of the capitals, arguing with faction leaders) will send players to Lordaeron to do battle with Kel’thuzad in Naxxramas, if the Horde don’t kill them before they get there. (Getting there will not be convenient.)

The dungeon is mostly the same except Mograine won’t give you his sword. (Which I might add is a quest item not a useable weapon.) And of course no Lich King take-over during the boss battle with Kel’thuzad.

Returning to Lordaeron City as a Forsaken you may turn the Ashbringer into Tirion, who will take it and tell you the story about how he was present at it’s crafting, but can’t use it… he has given up his power and his rights for his honor. Sylvanas will thank you for dealing with Kel’thuzad, and tell you that now that the Scourge have been defeated, the Alliance dogs to the south are next on the chopping block.

War of the Shifting Sands (1.2.0):

Major Conflict: Ahn’Qiraj Forces
Character focus: Fandral Staghelm, Tyrande Whisperwind, the Bronze/Green Dragonflights, C’thun, Hamuul Runetotem

I don’t have too many ideas for this conflict. So I’ll be pretty vague here. Mostly for the Alliance this is the War of the Shifting Sands as usual. You turn in stuff to quartermasters, and eventually Tyrande and the Sentinels begin the battle for Ahn’Qiraj, it’s mostly the same except ONLY Tyrande and her warriors are present. There are no Horde warriors at all, no Forsaken. Eventually of course, the battle ends, and the Qiraji are forced back into the city. Tyrande now will send raids into Ahn’Qiraj. Of course quests may also be done in Silithus, and they recap the original War of the Shifting Sands, while also filling in important backstory for Fandral Staghelm (and the story is mostly the same.)

In Ahn’Qiraj you actually experience the battle playing out in images that C’thun is showing to you. Eventually you kill him and then return to Tyrande who commends you, Fandral arrives and commends Tyrande for her efforts, he is finding it more and more difficult to deny her larger influence within the Night Elf sentinels, due to pressure from the people.

Cycle of Hatred (1.3.0)

Major Conflict: Orcs vs. Humans
Character focus: Thrall, Jaina, Tandred Proudmoore (Double-sided dungeon, much like Nexus or Trial of Champions.)

Okay, I really have absolutely no ideas for this storyline. The Orcs and Humans begin to have some tension between one another, Stormwind, having recovered from it’s battle with the Blackrock Clan turns it’s sights to the only remaining Orc superpower in the World of Azeroth (for the purposes of this article World of Azeroth = the planet. Azeroth = the continent.): the Orcs of Durotar.

Invasion forces begin appearing on Durotar’s shore, and even begin their attack on Razor Hill. Orc forces push back, and Alliance players willing to journey here can even join in on the battle. Eventually Thrall arrives at Razor Hill and the Horde forces manage to push them back. Cairne asks what humans are doing on their shores for the third time in such a short period…? Thrall recognizes the Lion of Stormwind from his gladiator days, and says they must have journeyed here to do battle with them. They think the Orcs have their king.

A large fortress has been established in southeastern Durotar, for Horde players they may invade it and do battle with the humans there (including General Marcus, who will escape with one HP left.) After this, Thrall has a feeling there are more battles with the Alliance on the horizon very soon.

Alliance equivalent is to take back the keep from Saurfang and his Horde forces. Sent by emissaries in the capital cities asking for aid. Also a short cutscene occassionally between Jaina and Bolvar will play out in Stormwind asking about their invasion into Durotar, and demanding they call it off immediately.

Return of the King (1.4.0):

Major conflict: Forces of Stormwind versus Naga of Alcaz Island
Character focus: Jaina, Sylvanas, Varian Wrynn. (More double-sided dungeons.)

Intel has reached SI:7! King Wrynn has been located in an island fortress west of the Wetlands. Naga and Black Dragons patrol it, guarding their precious prisoner. Unfortunately, this intel has not been exclusive, Sylvanas has also intercepted this information, and, wanting to claim Wrynn as a member of her court, sends Sharlindra and a detachment of Forsaken warriors there to claim her. There is no real ‘event’ for this one. Mostly another two-way dungeon. There really isn’t a lot of outside content otherwise. Jaina and Bolvar work together with their navy and army to claim the island. Jaina will send played into the prison island to find Varian, at the end battle is done with a large Naga overlord.

The Undead equivalent is mostly identical, there are some Forsaken battles that become Alliance battles, and at the end instead of a Naga you fight a bunch of Alliance soldiers. The Forsaken claim the king and Sylvanas shows up. (In the Alliance version she shows up with her forces and stuns the entire party.)

Sylvanas tells King Wrynn that he will now be killed and reborn as a member of the Forsaken – effectively giving her the ability to claim Stormwind for herself. Just then, Jaina and Bolvar burst into the room. Big confrontation time. Sharlindra possesses Wrynn and threatens to kill him there and now if Jaina and Bolvar do not back off. Bolvar and Jaina back off when Thrall bursts into the room as well.


Thrall asks what’s going on, and Sylvanas informs him that she’s having a dispute with the humans over who should claim Varian Wrynn for themselves. Jaina thanks Thrall for showing up after she asked for his aid ,and tells him to pick up his hammer and help them defeat this banshee witch. Thrall- has to sheepishly admit that he’s allied himself with the Forsaken.

Jaina is flabbergasted. How could he join forces with the Forsaken. Thrall gives his reasons – the Forsaken remind him of his own people before they were freed, he wishes to help them, to bring them back to the world of the living. Jaina is still shocked, how could he betray her this way. Thrall apologizes to Jaina for deceiving her, but knew she would not understand. Jaina tells Thrall that he’s playing with fire, and just hopes he’s not consumed by the flame.

The battle resumes, Sylvanas shoots Bolvar with an arrow, knocking him down, she and ‘Varian’ run to the exit, but Jaina teleports in their way and blasts Sylvanas, knocking her back as well. ‘Varian’ strikes Jaina down quickly and continues running, Jaina asks Thrall to choose a side. Either help her and stop Varian, or do nothing. ‘Varian’ escapes, as Thrall stands there and does nothing. Jaina tells Thrall that she’s deeply disappointed in him, and now thanks to him, they’ve lost Varian for good. Thrall apologizes to Jaina again, and tells her that he just doesn’t know what to do.

Jaina teleports her and Bolvar away. Ending the Alliance portion of this questline. Sylvanas wakes up and thanks Thrall for choosing her, and that she feels closer to their goal now more than ever, Thrall gives her a half-hearted response, quite distraught about his circumstances. Sylvanas and Thrall run off, disappearing.

Now, journeying back to Undercity, Tirion is obviously quite upset about Sharlindra and Sylvanas’ plan, and tells them to stop what they’re doing. Sylvanas reminds Tirion that she saved his life – he owes it to her to do what she tells him to. Tirion tells her that he’s done being her pawn, and blasts Varian with a powerful blast of light. Sharlindra recoils and leaves Varian, Sylvanas tells Tirion that he’s still inside the middle of Lordaeron, and every soldier in the city is loyal to her. He’s quickly surrounded. Sylvanas tells him to hand Varian back over to her, Tirion does something really impressive and runs off into the woods with Varian. Sylvanas tells Sharlindra to send word to all Forsaken outposts in Lordaeron, no one is to escape.

And just after this, a group of Blood Elves and Naga arrive at the gates of Lordaeron, looking for a place to stay.

Tirion and Varian arrive in Stormwind as the player and Bolvar and Jaina teleport into Stormwind. Tirion relays the story of how he has left Sylvanas’ holdings to return Stormwind it’s rightful King. Jaina asks Tirion (whom to her is just another Paladin) if he’ll be staying, Tirion informs her that his place is battling the Scourge, fighting for freedom, loyal to no nation or ideal… he runs off to do so. Varian is greeted by his brother in arms Bolvar, who welcomes him back to Stormwind and invites him to tell his tale, Varian invites him to do the same in return. Jaina, quite content seeing Stormwind’s king returned, teleports back to Theramore with the player, to fight another day, as they arrive, Velen the Seer and his Draenei wait for them, looking for aid.

Vengeance of the Legion (2.0.0):

Major conflict: Burning Legions Return in Kalimdor, Retaking of Silvermoon in Lordaeron.
Character focus: Jaina, Tyrande, Velen for Alliance. Kael’thas, Vashj, Sylvanas for Horde. Megrath the Eredar Bounty Hunter tasked with hunting down the Blood Elves and Draenei is the major villain, with Dark’khan Drathir as the new Ruler of Silvermoon under the Scourge.

Another Ahn’Qiraj type event begins in Theramore and Lordaeron City. Elven, Draenei, Human and Forsaken quartermasters appear in these respective cities, as Kael and Vashj sit in Sylvanas’ throne room. Velen does the same in Theramore. Velen will relay his tale about who and what the Draenei are, and what their goal is. They were on draenor during the wars with the Orcs, and eventually were forced into hiding in Tempest Keep, their advanced Naaru fortress. Eventually of course, a mysterious group of Blood Elves arrived at Tempest Keep and the Draenei, fleeing to one of it’s annexes, tried to teleport away.

They of course landed on Azuremyst, and are now sure that the Legion is on it’s way to claim them. Jaina and Tyrande (who is now present) feel that helping the Draenei is a very good idea.

Meanwhile in Lordaeron, Kael’thas tells you about how he and Vashj have been holding out against the Scourge for the last 5 years. Trying to finish Lord Illidan’s mission… with little to no success. Now, pushed to the brinking point, they and their peoples have retreated back to Lordaeron, to find whatever aid they can. Nathanos Blightcaller, having scouted their camp on Lordaeron’s northern coast, recognized them and brought them to Sylvanas.

Now, together, their goal is obvious: Retake Silvermoon from the Scourge. With the Forsaken’s new forces and influence in the Plaguelands, it’s all too possible to do so.

So a conquest begins. One on Azuremyst (a hold-out against invading Legion forces) with the Alliance and one into Quel’thalas with the Elves, Forsaken and Naga. The invasion force is fairly successful, and the final battles with Dar’khan Drathir and Megrath (an Eredar bounty hunter sent by Kil’jaeden) begin. Dar’khan taunts Kael’thas about how he betrayed them all to gain a position in the Scourge. And he’s killed by Kael almost instantly.

Kael searches Dar’khan’s body, and finds a letter, it’s about his partner in crime: Panthaleon the Calculator. The elf that was left in charge of Kael’s forces based on Outland. Kael is evidentally distraught, he’s left a traitor in charge of his people on a foreign planet. He needs to get back there to straighten things out immediately. Vashj tells him to calm down, she will use the portal based at Dalaran to journey there with a Forsaken invasion force. To resolve these issues.

Meanwhile Megrath has been almost killed. He commends the Alliance forces for their valiant efforts, but informs them that this is only the beginning. He’ll be back before long. And when he is, he’ll destroy them all for this insult.

Jaina wonders what they can possibly do to stop this. Velen informs them that the Legion has conquered Outland. The homeworld of the Orcs, it’ll be all too easy for them to reopen the pathway here unless they stop them first. Tyrande thinks the answer is simple to this problem: kill Megrath. Journey to Outland and kill him.

Jaina tells them that she knows of the perfect place to journey back into Outland. Tyrande asks her about it. Jaina tells them it’s in… the Blasted Lands.

Burning Crusade:

The Betrayers of Outland (2.1.0)

The new expansion begins with a portal now open in Alterac Mountains, on a platform overlooking Dalaran. It leads to Falcon Watch on the Hellfire Peninsula and features Forsaken, Blood Elf and Naga forces. Vashj – true to her word, is the head of Falcon Watch, and your guide for most of these quests.

Most of the quests here are mostly the same. The legion is invading, but there’s no Illidari whatsoever. The Blood Elves are traitors to Kael and have taken over a lot of Outland -- having sided with the legion. Vashj will tell you what to do, and you do battle with a lot of Fel Orcs as well. (There’s no Thrallmar whatsoever, in it’s place is another Blood Elf outpost.)

Eventually, Vashj will tell you about Azshara Temple. A massive Naga Fortress in Zangarmarsh, and the Forsaken’s (Horde’s) main city in Outland. Journeying there, the quests begin all over again.

The Alliance ports is still in Blasted Lands. You journey through and besides the total lack of Horde forces at the Dark Portal, things ARE much the same. You do some quests for General Marcus at the gate, while Draenei forces accompany you. (There are a few Night Elves, but not a whole lot.) Eventually, you come into contact with humans who are already there. It’s the… Sons of Lothar!!? They’ve established their keep here on Outland, after having journeyed from world to world with the Naaru. But now they’re back to finish the job they started on Draenor.

Honor Hold is the Alliance equivalent to Azshara Temple, and it’s the first city you run into here. Danath holds power over it, and tells you about recent events. The human expedition journeyed into the great Twisting Nether and met the Naaru, journeying and learning from them, Khadgar grew a great attachment to them. Eventually, the subject of Draenor came up and the Naaru revealed their connection to the fledgling Draenei here. Making their way back here, they quickly established their presence and moved through out the area. Alleria has taken up placement in the Zangarmarsh, Khadgar in Terrokar Forest, Turalyon in Shadowmoon Valley, and Kurdran and Sky’ree in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. He suggests journeying to each of these people when available to see what they want.

Here, quests are mostly the same. Battle some Fel Orcs, some Blood Elf enemies, etc. etc.

In Zangarmarsh, when you arrive as an Alliance player, you meet with Alleria, who greets you, tells you about some of the problems they’ve been having in Zangarmarsh. Again, most of the quests are the same. Fel Orcs, Ogres, Blood Elves, etc. etc. The Naga are Horde-allied as well as being neutral enemies. (Naga enslaved by Megrath.)

Naga is the same, but ends with a quest to track down Alleria Windrunner at Windrunner Fortress. She will be neutral to Horde players and speak with you once you are on this quest. Alleria asks you where you came from, why are you here. You explain that you were sent by Prince Kael’thas to Outland to track down the traitorous blood elves.

Alleria asks about the mysterious undead she’s seen through out the marsh, the ones that do battle with the Fel Orcs, and speak with clarity and insight. You tell her about the Forsaken and the Scourge, she takes all this in, she had heard of the fall of Lordaeron from passing Alliance soldiers from Azeroth, but a group of free Undead…? They’d never mentioned that.

Then, you tell her about Sylvanas. Alleria is shocked that her sister is not only ‘alive and well’, but in charge of her own kingdom, she rushes off to Lordaeron to go and see her. She takes you with her on dragonhawk-back. The two of you land at Falcon Watch, a bunch of rangers step in her way, attempting to stop her gaining access to the portal. Alleria demands that they let her through, as “High General of Quel’thalas”. They recognize her and allow her entry. As you enter the portal, you’re teleported outside Lordaeron city.

You follow Alleria into Lordaeron as Undead stop left and right, and bow, she eventually reaches the throne room and confronts Sylvanas. Alleria breaks down at the sight of her sister, so corrupted and decayed. After a few moments Sylvanas tells her to stand up and stop it. Alleria gets up and blinks slowly, she can’t believe her eyes. Sylvanas tells her that this is what life is like in Lordaeron these days: kill or be killed. Become a monster, or die. After a quick scene between the two, Alleria tells you to journey back to Outland, she has much to talk about with Sylvanas and would rather it remain a private matter.

You are sent back to Zangarmarsh where Vashj asks you how it went with Alleria (this was a persons of interest quest by the way). You tell her that Alleria is in Lordaeron with Sylvanas, Vashj tells you she has high hopes for Alleria, but has a new mission for you: Shattrath City, the heart of the resistance against Megrath in Outland, is under attack. Khadgar, archmage of Dalaran has lead the Draenei and Sons of Lothar forces there, and Vashj is intent on joining forces with them if possible.

You are sent there, and as you arrive, Legion forces are pushing into the Draenei capital, while Human and Draenei forces fight back, just then as you arrive, you sound the horn of Azshara. Causing Naga, Blood Elf and Forsaken forces to come pouring into Shattrath and fight back the Legion’s forces. As they are pushed back, A’dal and Khadgar teleport onto the scene. A’dal glows brightly with white light, searing the nearby demon’s flesh, the remaining blood elf and Naga forces flee in terror at the sight of A’dal.

Khadgar turns to you and asks you what you’re doing here, why you of all things, helped them. You explain who and what you are, why you’re there, etc. etc. Khadgar chooses to believe your story. Priestess Alde’keht walks up and asks Khadgar what he’s doing. They can’t trust the living dead and blood elves. Khadgar tells her to be silent, the Horde could be a useful ally against the Legion, even if only temporarily. Alde’keht curses your name and walks off.

The Alliance equivalent of this quest is reversed, you go and help the draenei and humans at Shattrath only for the Horde to show up to aid you, the scene plays out mostly the same otherwise. Khadgar gives you a tour of Shattrath and explains the Naaru and the mission they’ve been given here in Outland. To fight back against the Legion and retake the ancestral homeland of the Orcs and Draenei, in an effort to destroy the Legion once and for all.

Khadgar tells you that first, to battle back the Legion, they’re going to need forces. The fel-orcs and few Durotar Orcs (mostly historians) that accompanied the Forsaken into Outland aren’t the only ones here. He’s befriended Greatmother Geyah, an old orc woman who’s living out in Nagrand, in the ruins of Garadar. As a hermit.

You journey there as a Horde player, as an Alliance you’re sent to gather the Kurenai in Nagrand and stuff ensues. Mostly the main story quest here is the Horde one. (My bias is showing, huh?) Greatmother Geyah tells you about the troubles of Nagrand, how she saw all her children carted away to Hellfire Peninsula to be ‘converted’. How there are no true orcs left, all of them are now just mindless servants to Magtheridon’s Will.

The first step is to recreate the pools of purity, ancient Orc shamanistic pools that would cleanse the sick of their ailments. The main quest chain of Nagrand is to create these pools. Once this is finished, Geyah thanks you, and tells you that now that her pools are completed, you’ll need a test subject. You journey to a Fel Orc outpost in Nagrand and capture one of the Fel Orcs there. Dragging him back to Garadar, Geyah submerges him into the pool and he is reborn. As a brown orc. Geyah is grateful to you, and now tells you about her plan to create an army. The first thing they’ll need – is a general. She sends you to a wing of Hellfire Citadel. At it’s end is Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom Hellscream, he will make a fine leader if he could be turned.

You run the dungeon and capture Garrosh, but he breaks free and backlashes at you, only for Kargath Bladefist to jump down and subdue him. It appears that Geyah wasn’t the only Orc not to be turned by Magtheridon. Kargath brings Garrosh to the pools, and he is purified. Garrosh, now clear of mind and thought, awakens for the first time in years. He turns to Geyah and recognizes her. Geyah tells Garrosh about all that has happened. She tells him it’s time for him to take up the mantle of General of the Orc’s forces on Outland.

Garrosh instead is disappointed, he remembers all he did, and feels that he and his line are doomed to be butchers, stuck in the same cycle of destruction. Geyah tries to convince him to see otherwise, but he refuses, Kargath tries to convince him to see reason, but also fails. The second half of Nagrand is about invigorating Garrosh’s spirits. Same sort of stuff, finding flags, finding whatever. All of it does nothing, and he simply continues to feel overwhelming guilt, but he apologizes to you and tells you to give up on him, he’s not worth anything.

After talking with Greatmother Geyah, she asks you about the fate of Grom Hellscream on Azeroth. You tell her about the fall of Mannoroth, and how all Orcs on Azeroth now live free thanks to him. She’s puzzled, she figured that the green orcs she’d seen were nothing but a small splinter faction. But there’s some large army of orcs out there? You tell her about the orcs, and how they’ve returned to Shamanism, and of course about Thrall. Geyah, incapable of journeying that far, asks you to ask Thrall to come to her.

You do so, after a quick detour to Lady Vashj, who tells you that’d be a good idea (“That fool of an Orc Warchief will probably want to meet with his mongrel brethren.”). Thrall journeys with you to Outland to see what all the fuss is about, and as you return, large armies of Orcs now stand at Garadar, Kargath and Geyah’s power at work. Thrall and the Kor’kron elite walk into the village, and Geyah tells Thrall her story. About her children, about the exploding of Outland, and how now her grandchild returns to her. Thrall is of course shocked to learn that he has a living family member. She tells him how proud of him she is, and how she knows he will teach Garrosh the ways of being a leader. She then reveals that she is quite sick, and dies.

Thrall, now having found and lost his only family, is quite distraught, but recognizes that he has work to do, he takes Gorehowl and delivers it to Garrosh, telling him about all his father was and did, and how he was his brother and best friend. Garrosh responds weakly, and is about to put the axe aside, when Thrall growls at him, and tells him that he has nothing but pride to feel about the blood that flows through his veins. He then shows an illusion of the battle with Mannoroth. Garrosh, now invigorated by Grom’s greatest sacrifice, raises the Axe in the air. Rallying his troops before him, telling them that together they will defeat the legion in Outland, they will kill Magtheridon and Megrath and raise their heads on pikes outside Garadar, they will claim Draenor back for it’s people!

The Alliance equivalent is less passionate, but no less poignant. The Kurenai are lead by Akama and his Ashtongue Deathsworn. Akama tells you his tale as well. How he sided with Illidan and how Illidan betrayed him by siding with Kil’jaeden, and then fled the planet entirely, leaving him and his draenei to fend for themselves. For that he hates all Blood Elves, hates all orcs, and will refuse to trust anyone ever again. Most of this questline is you trying to gain Akama’s trust, to invite his army to join with Khadgar at Shattrath. Eventually, he agrees, and tells you that he’s waited a long time for heroes to come who would have the power to fight back against the Legion, and that he has a secret weapon. He walks up to a cage on his grounds and opens it, and out walks Maiev Shadowsong. He tells her that the time for her revenge has come. She smirks.

The next zone is Terrokar. The Mag’har Orcs have joined forces with the Forsaken and set up a camp in Terrokar intent on fighting back the Legion. Meanwhile the Kurenai and Sons of Lothar push into Shadowmoon Valley nearby. The quests here are mostly about fighting back the Legion’s influence and the local Blood Elves and Fel Orcs. Eventually culminating in a major battle with the leader of their forces, killing him.

In Blade’s Edge Moutains the quests are mostly the same. With the exception of the Night Elf outpost there being Wildhammer Hold with Kurdran and Sky’ree in it. This place isn’t very heavy story-wise, and is mostly focused on the raging battle with the Ogre tribes and other various groups. (Here you continue the Mag’har plotline by restoring the Thunderlord Clan using the Pools of Purity. Their village becoming another outpost.)

Netherplace is next. Here you run into the bulk of the enemy blood elf forces. You need to shut down their manaforges and fight back their armies. There are no demons here, just blood elves. (In response there are VERY few blood elves anywhere else in Outland.) You frequently report back to Lady Vashj during these missions, and if you’re Alliance, back to Danath, who mentions that there’s someone out there who the Alliance must recover.

Eventually, the battle is taken to the sky as you fight with the Blood Elven forces of Tempest Keep. Fighting through dungeons, beating them down. If you’re alliance, you’ve failed to find anyone, and reporting to Danath, he informs you that there’s only one place left that his target could be: The Eye of the Storm in Tempest Keep.

Now, reporting to Vashj/Danath, they inform you that the invasion into Shadowmoon has gone off without a hitch so far, the Legion’s forces there have been isolated to the Black Temple, and they’re on the retreat. You journey there and meet with Garrosh at Shadowmoon point. Another Mag’har quest with you capturing Fel Orcs at Shadowmoon valley and bringing them back to him to be converted into Orc warriors. The captured Shadowmoon Village becomes the new Orc town in Shadowmoon.

Again, quests her are mostly the same, help the Netherdrakes, help the poor orcs, etc. etc. The Alliance questline here is to head to the Watcher Post, where Maiev’s remaining watchers have set up shop to do battle with the legion. At Shadowmoon, Dentarg takes control of the village alongside Garrosh, tells you who he is, what he wants. Most of the main questchain in Shadowmoon is finding out more about the history of Ner’zhul and the orc clans in Shadowmoon. Why Ner’zhul came to the conclusions he did, why he chose to side with a demon to damn his race.

The Night Elven plots involve Maiev and her forces hunting down demons in the area, trying to locate a way into the Black Temple that won’t get everybody killed. The climax of Shadowmoon Valley involves fighting back a massive force of Burning Legion soldiers that have come to push them back. After crushing them, the first part of Burning Crusade is over, as Megrath taunts the Horde, Night Elf, Forsaken and Alliance forces cruelly.

Servants of Azshara (2.1.0)

The first of the expansion patches involves battling the traitorous Naga and Blood Elf forces based in Outland. The Eye of the Storm and Coilfang Reservoir. There isn’t a whole lot of story in Coilfang, you battle and defeat the ‘evil’ Naga’s leader who curses you with his last breath.

Your confrontation with Panthaleon is a bit more story-heavy. First off, you receive mysterious notes from an unknown party that tells you if you face Panthaleon you will have assistance. Vashj tells you to keep this in mind and sends you into the Eye of the Storm. Fighting your way through Panthaleon’s ranks, you eventually reach the traitorous blood elf. He tells you how he decisively suppressed any dissenters amongst the Blood Elves in his own ranks, how he’s captured any Alliance or Horde up to this point who have stood against him, how he’s converted Kael’s own people from Azeroth to his way of thinking. And now he will destroy us all, and make way for the Legion to march upon Azeroth.

The battle commences, and it becomes increasingly clear that the players can barely damage Panthaleon, when at 70% health, Voren’thal the Seer pops up and blasts Panthaleon in the face, greatly weakening him and costing him large amounts of HP, finishing off Panthaleon. Suddenly, Megrath teleports into the room suddenly and shouts “ENOUGH!” freezing everyone in the room, including Voren’thal. He grabs Panthaleon and teleports out, leaving a chest behind.

The Alliance version is similar, except instead of Voren’thal, Turalyon pops out from behind a pillar and blasts Panthaleon in the face, revealing who Danath was looking for: Turalyon. Turalyon tells you about where he’s been, what he’s been doing, and together you beat Panthaleon up, Megrath teleports in and grabs Panthaleon before disappearing, but leaving the chest behind. Turalyon goes with you to Danath, who welcomes his friend and brother home. Turalyon tells the player that together they’re going to have to work to kill Megrath, and free Outland from the hold of the Legion once and for all.

Opening the chest, you discover it’s contents: LOOTZ! Returning to Lady Vashj, she tells you that now that Panthaleon and his forces have been dealt with, all that remains is for Megrath to feel the sting of Nazjatar and the Horde. Which begins…!

The Black Temple (2.2.0)

The Black Temple trailer begins here.

(A gathering scene begins, as Vashj, Turalyon, Danath, Khadgar and Garrosh stand around A’dal.)
Khadgar: It’s bad, the Black Temple’s walls are nearly impenetrable, and Megrath has countless demons at his command, my mages estimate that we will lose thousands in the frontal assault alone.
Garrosh: I disagree with your assessment, human. The might of the Horde cannot be denied! We will crush the gates of the Black Temple with our bare hands!
Khadgar: While I appreciate your enthusiasm, young Hellscream, blind courage will not win us this battle.
Akama: I agree.
(Akama and Maiev walk into the room.)
Vashj: Well, well, if it isn’t the little Warden. I was wondering what rock you’d managed to crawl under this time.
Maiev: What is this filth doing here? Nobody told me we’d be siding with slimy Naga.
Vashj: This isn’t your precious Ashenvale, night elf. Your values and your attitude have no place here.
Maiev: You naga are an affront to every proper value I’ve ever held! I would rather die than-
Khadgar: Enough! We have no time for bickering. Akama, you know the Black Temple better than anyone, what can we expect to find there…?
Akama: I only remember the temple as it used to be… a place of worship…
Khadgar: Akama…
Akama: Back when I was a being of the light… I was happy then. At peace.
Khadgar: And maybe Akama, if you help us succeed here, we can go back to those days, give you back your peace.
Akama: …no. It’s too late now, I’ve been ravaged by this world’s corruption… thanks to the Horde’s reckless sorcery… I remember that…
(Garrosh grunts, Khadgar turns to him, giving him a look. Garrosh shuts up.)
Akama: But I also remember the army of demons that swept down upon us like a plague… I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. If we don’t stop Megrath now, that’ll be the fate of your world too.
Turalyon: Yes! He must be stopped here and now, and together we can do it. We, the Forsaken, we the Horde, we the Night Elves… and most important of all, we the Alliance! We will stand together against any foe! And we will crush Megrath where he stands! This day, he will meet his end!

(The Black Temple logo displays.)

To begin with, there is the attunement quest, once you have the amulet, you meet with Vashj, Garrosh, Maiev and Turalyon outside the Black Temple’s gates. Turalyon informs you that the Naga are going to make a break for the sewers to sneak in and open the way through the main gates of the Black Temple. The event begins with troops fighting back enemy forces as both Alliance and Horde players escort Vashj and her Naga to the sewer entrance.

The Black Temple raid begins with Vashj fighting her way through the Naga traitors in the Black Temple’s sewer system, eventually coming up to the main floor. You’ve now got to fight your way across to the main gate. As you arrive at it, Vashj cuts a rope which opens the door, and Garrosh, Turalyon and Maiev come running in. Akama informs Vashj that Megrath will be in Ner’zhul’s old throne room at the top of the Temple. He also informs them that it’s likely that his demon forces will be in the barracks downstairs, and they’ll need to hold them back in order to deal with Megrath. This fight must be done in parts. One group must hold back the demons spawning from the bottom of the stairs, while the other fights and beats down Megrath at the top. Turalyon, Akama and Garrosh fight Megrath at the top, while Vashj and Maiev hold the Legion forces at bay. Eventually, at 5% health, Megrath impales Akama with his claw, throwing him aside. Akama sighs deeply, still barely alive. Garrosh roars and charges at Megrath, intent on sacrificing himself to kill him. Turalyon leaps in the way and holds Garrosh back.

Garrosh tries to fight free, but Turalyon holds him steady and yells at him. “You idiot, you’re going to get yourself killed.” Garrosh screams back “It’ll bring me glory! It’ll make me a true Hellscream.” “That’s suicide!” Turalyon yells. Megrath charges at them both just as Maiev blinks up into the room and chucks a huge set of daggers at Megrath, impaling his stomach. Vashj slithers up too and blasts him with lightning, forcing him backwards, he’s surprised, he suddenly finds himself a lot weaker than he was before.

“That’s a special poison I concocted just for you, demon.” Maiev informs Megrath. “It’ll slowly drain your strength, now that these warriors have weakened you. You’re finished.”

Megrath roars in pain, and then teleports away. Maiev says “that’s for denying me my revenge.” Maiev turns to the heroes. “Well done, warriors. You’ve now freed Outland from the tyranny of the legion for another day. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a new hunt to find.” Maiev walks off, and disappears into the pale moonlight.

Vashj walks over to Akama, who is now dying. Akama asks if they succeeded, if the Black Temple was now free. Vashj tells him that it is, and it’s all thanks to his sacrifice. Akama thanks her, and then passes. Vashj bows her head, and then slithers off. Garrosh and Turalyon begin fighting (with words.)

Garrosh: I could have taken him, it was my moment of glory!
Turalyon: Is that all you Orcs think about… glory? What about the old woman who gave her life for your freedom? Are you going to waste her sacrifice?
Garrosh: No! I was going to give it meaning!
Turalyon: Meaning? Megrath is all but destroyed, isn’t that enough meaning for you?
Garrosh: No! You humans… you’re all the same, you come to my homeland, you persecute my people, you’re hypocrites… hypocrites and cowards.
Turalyon: Well, if that’s the way you feel, youngling, then so be it. Next time I won’t keep you from getting yourself killed.
(Garrosh grunts and walks off, Turalyon follows him.)

You return to Vashj at Azshara Temple who tells you you’ve done valiantly, and rewards you. She also tells you that while she and her forces still have much to clean up in Outland, your mission here is finished, report back to Thrall/Kael’thas/Jaina/Velen. Who give you another reward and a commendation.

Return of Lordaeron (2.3.0)

Trailer involves Sylvanas, Kael and Jaina talking about “The people of Lordaeron” and how they will be reborn as they do battle with the Legion that stole their precious homelands from them.

This patch begins with a raid on Falcon Watch. It’s Panthaleon the Calculator and his forces. They blast through and make use of the portal before heading to Silvermoon almost instantly. They’re invulnerable, so players can do absolutely nothing to stop them. As they reach the gates, they begin doing battle with the Blood Elves there, and Panthaleon makes his way towards the throne room where he confronts Kael.

Kael greets him slowly, asking him what he’s doing here. Panthaleon tells him that he’s here to claim the Sunwell for the Legion. He knows how to restore it now, and he intends to do so. Kael tells him that he won’t succeed, his forces are outnumbered 10 to 1. Panthaleon says that summoning Megrath into Azeroth ought to even the odds. Kael casts a spell at him, which he stops. Panthaleon mentions how Dar’khan was a fool to join the Scourge, the Legion is by far superior, at that moment, his blood elf forces claim the Naaru in Silvermoon. (Which was claimed in a Netherstorm quest.) M’uru.

Panthaleon and his forces disappear, and Kael’thas strokes his chin thoughtfully, he needs some way to claim the island. With Vashj and her naga still stuck on Outland it’s going to be difficult. Just then, Jaina teleports into Kael’thas’ throne room. Kael is surprised (but elated) to see her. Jaina tells him that with the help of her navy, it’s going to be all too easy to breach the blockade surrounding Sunwell Isle.

Cutscene follows. Human ships invade Sunwell Isle, blowing up the Blood Elf ships. Gargoyles carrying Forsaken drop them onto the ramparts outside the city, as Dragonhawk riders bombard the ground from above. The stuff on the sunwell is mostly the same as it was in WoW, demons, Naga and Blood Elves occupy the island and you need to claim it from them, yadda, yadda, yadda. Once this is done, a bunch of dailies and a new raid and dungeon open up. They lead to the same place, but just before entering the area where Panthaleon has taken M’uru, he steps through the gates and closes them behind him. Killing him one last time, he dies. Nathanos tells you there’s no way through the gate, you’ll need to go around (through the raid instance.)

Once you head through the raid instance and reach that point, you find that Panthaleon has sacrificed M’uru and the Sunwell is filling with his holy energy. As you approach it (with Jaina and Kael’thas), Megrath emerges from the sunwell and begins devouring it’s power, using it to beat Maiev’s poison and become even more powerful. Fighting him back, you eventually push him back through the well he tries to reach back up, but Jaina and Kael, using the well’s power, blast him, destroying him forever.

Now, the sunwell restorerd, Kael is overjoyed, his people aren’t doomed, they can become a living, breathing, constructive society again, they can- just then, Jaina destroys the sunwell. Kael asks her why she did that, she tells him that it was necessary, it was just another fount of power for the Legion to enter from. Kael gets mad at her and tells her to leave immediately. Having doomed his people in order to save Azeroth, Jaina understands, but does not apologize, and teleports away. While Kael sits there in his now empty sunwell, with nothing left but his memories.

Patch 3.0.0 – Shadows of the Damned

This patch begins with a set of mysterious crates on the docks of Sunwell Isle. Rifling through the crates results in the Ghoul plague from before being transferred to the players, also randomly Forsaken, Blood Elf and Theramore guards placed at the Sunwell Isle will transform into ghouls that will attack nearby players. There are two ships on Sunwell Isle. One leads to Theramore and is a Human ship. The other leads to Silvermoon and is a Blood Elf ship.

The plagued characters can only use these to travel. And they cannot walk fast (except by sprinting). Therefore it is very possible for players who wish to do so, to ‘quarantine the plague’. Killing off ghouls as they emerge from the isle into the surrounding cities. (Of course in this outline Theramore is a MAJOR port with boats to every capital city and some other key locations like Booty Bay.)

At this point Putress will be spawned in the Apothecary Labs (an underground area in Lordaeron City) claiming to be concocting a cure for the spreading plague. And after a week or two, he will have succeeded, and start handing out the cure to passing players. His apothecaries will also appear in major capital cities, handing out plague-cure to any passers by-ers. While the crates on Sunwell Isle are destroyed.

The next step of this patch involves mysterious cultists appearing in the Undercity and surrounding area once again. A new instance portal opens up in Sunwell Isle. A dungeon. But a very short one. There are no bosses in it. You simply follow (invulnerable) acolytes through the winding road leading to the Sunwell. Along the way you see the corpses of dead demons that you killed in your raids and dungeons of this area. Showing some progression. Mostly necromancers and crypt fiends and abominations will get in your way, slowing you down.

Once you reach the Sunwell, the Acolytes have confronted Kael’thas (who is still being emo and weeping over the Sunwell’s complete destruction.) He asks what a bunch of humans in black robes are doing here, and they inform him that due to the failure of the plague, their master has a new plan in mind for Azeroth. The cult leader asks if Kael can feel it, the remnants of the Sunwells power, the stuff that still lingers. Using that they can bring Kel’thuzad back from the dead. Kael’thas begins fighting with them, but a group of skeletons rise from the dead and start doing battle with him, the players charge, but the head cultist turns to them and raises his arms, causing a giant abomination to rise from the ground, a new boss battle. The acolytes surround themselves with an energy shield as they drop Kel’thuzad’s phylactery into what’s left of the sunwell and begin casting their spell.

Kael joins your battle against the giant abomination. He’ll flame strike and banish the occasional add for you. Eventually the abomination goes down, but it’s too late, the shield breaks apart as Kel’thuzad basically explodes from the Sunwell’s remains. Kel’thuzad greets Kael, having heard of him from the Lich King. Kael doesn’t know who Kel’thuzad is, but knows who he works for. Kel’thuzad taunts him and tells him that he’s here as a herald of the Lich King, and he intends to deliver this land back to him as soon as he possibly can. Kael promises to stop him, but Kel’thuzad feels that Kael’s words are empty, and teleports away to join the Lich King’s forces.

Kael informs the player that this is very bad, the Scourge are on their way, and Sylvanas and Jaina (he says the name Jaina bitterly) must be warned. He sends you on your way, and as you arrive in Lordaeron City (by flying or walking) it is apparent that the city is under attack by the Scourge abominations. Sylvanas and Alleria stand in the cities’ courtyard fighting back every manor of undead creature.

Jaina informs you that Stormwind is already under attack. The Scourge having spread like wildfire from Lordaeron across the Eastern Kingdoms. Every capital city (Lordaeron, Silvermoon, Stormwind Ironforge) is under attack, while level-appropriate creatures assault every town as well. Kael has returned to his throne room in Silvermoon, and is now helping fight back the Scourge. Massive armies spawn all across the continent.

Sylvanas/Varian are your contacts, and Sylvanas/Varian will give you a set of quests (mostly just kill 20 Undead! Which turns into ‘kill THIS named undead!’). For 5 days this battle rages on, until a machinima cinematic plays, showing Putress emerging from his lab with a set of plague catapults, the plague catapults unleash their payload onto the gathering Scourge, causing them great pain. The Forsaken defenders begin smashing their faces in, and we showcase the scourge getting run out of each city by it’s defenders. Sylvanas turns to Alleria, telling her that the time has come at last for her revenge, and that the Forsaken’s ships will sail to Northrend within the month. Varian does the same with Bolvar, telling him that the Alliance will have it’s revenge at last.

Over the next week (just before the expansion is actually relea
sed), a cinematic will play out in Orgrimmar and Theramore. Varian is in Theramore asking Jaina and Fandral for their aid against the Scourge in Northrend, needing all the help they can get. While in Orgrimmar Sylvanas is doing the same with Thrall and Cairne. Garrosh is there too, and if you speak with him, he tells you ‘What luck. My first day visiting Orgrimmar and already there’s a war about to begin.’ Mostly the same discussion will play over and over again in the Orgrimmar throne room, while Garrosh pressures Thrall into accepting Sylvanas’ invitation. Sylvanas informs Thrall that she’s leaving for Northrend in a week with or without him. Cairne is hesitant to join the invasion, not having much to do with the Lich King. Magatha however (who is also there) volunteers her Grimtotem forces for the battle in Northrend.

Meanwhile a similar drama is playing out in Theramore. Jaina is fairly ready to pledge her troops to Varian’s cause, but her own navy is still repairing itself after the battle with the Legion at Sunwell Isle. Fandral is extremely hesitant, though, feeling these Scourge are inconsequential to beings such as the Night Elves. Varian gives an impassioned speech about the importance of working together and fighting back against the corrupt and the evil.

Then the expansion is released! The Death Knight starting area is much the same. The Lich King is on Archerus, but they are battling back against the Forsaken instead of the Scarlet Crusade. Crushing their townships and whatnot, bringing it all to an end. Otherwise it’s almost identical. (Except only Forsaken/Blood Elf/Dwarf/Human Death Knights. Naturally.) Eventually it all culminates in a battle with the Forsaken outpost at Darrowshire. While they quickly crush the Forsaken defenders there, eventually Tirion appears and starts fighting back. The Lich King comes down and taunts Tirion, telling him about all he’s lost, all he’s sacrificed, and now by abandoning the Forsaken, he’s even given up his precious code of honor. Tirion informs the Lich King that he doesn’t need to agree with the Forsaken’s methods to fight for them, and he still has his honor. And with that, the Ashbringer begins to glow brightly, having been restored by Tirion’s faith. Arthas reels back at the sight of it, but then raises his own sword. The two become locked in combat, the surrounding Death Knights watching to see who wins the fight. Eventually, Arthas is down on his knees, as Tirion holds the Ashbringer over top of his head. Arthas throws him back, and Tirion informs him that it’s clear that the two of them are evenly matched, he can’t win this battle.

Arthas uncharacteristically roars in anger, but then becomes his cold, emotionless self again. He taunts Tirion, inviting him to come and face him again in Northrend, where they will finally decide this contest between the two of them, and with that, Arthas walks away mysteriously, Tirion looking after him. The Death Knights that remain gather around Tirion. Tirion stops and looks at all of them collectively, not knowing what to expect. Darion Mograine steps forward, and bows before Tirion, as do all the other NPC Death Knights. Tirion is a bit befuddled, as Darion informs him “You are clearly the superior combatant, lord Tirion.” Tirion has impressed them with his skills that they wish to serve his cause. Tirion tells them that it’s not up to him to forgive and accept them. Darion corrects him and says that’s not what they’re looking for. Tirion, regardless, sends them on their way. To Lordaeron and Stormwind City.

As a Death Knight, you approach Varian/Sylvanas. They each tell you that though they have no interest in forgiving you, they need all the help they can get battling the Lich King. As long as they can trust you, they’re willing to fight alongside you.

Meanwhile, up in Northrend things are going fairly well. Garrosh and Magatha Grimtotem have laid claim to the Borean Tundra, while Lady Vashj and Apothecary Putress have claimed the Howling Fjord. At the same time, Varian’s army have gone slightly further inland and laid claim to Valgarde in Howling Fjord, while Jaina’s Theramore Navy and some of Fandral’s Night Elven troops have done the same in Borean Tundra. Most of the Horde forces at Borean Tundra are Grimtotem Tauren and Mag’har Orcs from Outland. Implying that Thrall sort of refused to send any of his own troops, and the bulk of the army is simply volunteers from Outland and the Grimtotem Tribe. Vashj is there, as she explains ‘To finish Lord Illidan’s mission and finish off the Scourge once and for all.’ Putress is obviously there for his mistress, while Bolvar in Valgarde is there for his King Varian.

Tyrande herself leads the charge at Valliance Keep, feeling very uncomfortable being inside a giant stone fortress with a bunch of humans. Most of the quests are the same however. Putress tells you that “The test of our plague at Lordaeron was successful – with only a few problems. The death wasn’t sudden or quick enough for the Scourge, and it didn’t spread as much as we had hoped. I have tasked my apothecaries with coming up with a solution to these problems, and hope to see some promise in their results.’ Also the discussion between Magatha and Garrosh is obviously very different from the discussion between Garrosh and Magatha. Magatha tells Garrosh of the cowardice of the Alliance, skewing facts like the reasons behind the Lordaeron internment camps and their persecution of the Forsaken and Blood Elves.

Eventually the whole Dragonblight questline stuff happens. The Horde blocks the entrance to Azjol Nerub, the Alliance destroys the forces near Naxxramas. The Forsaken finish off their plague… and then they all rally around the Wrath Gate to attack it. The cinematic itself plays out much the same, Bolvar attacks the gate, Saurfang the Younger shows up behind him and helps to attack the gate with the Mag’har and Grimtotem Tribe forces. The Lich King emerges and fights them, killing Saurfang the Younger, when suddenly Putress appears and attacks the gate, killing the Scourge, Horde and Alliance forces that are left behind. Putress didn’t say “Death to the Living”, though… because here’s the change, the attack was approved by Sylvanas. Her intent was to get rid of the Scourge, but as a Forsaken she has no concern for the living Horde and Alliance based there. All she cares about is getting Arthas. But holds no true malice towards at least the Horde, and doesn’t really care about the Alliance either way, just as long as they stay out of her way.

Alexstrazsa tells you to journey back to your racial leader (Thrall for Orcs, Tauren and Trolls. Sylvanas for Forsaken and Blood Elves. Varian for Humans, Dwarves and Gnomes. Jaina for Draenei and Night Elves.)

Sylvanas is overjoyed, Varian is outraged, the Lich King has been beaten back into Icecrown and is greatly weakened by the Forsaken plague, but at a great cost… Bolvar has given up his life. Garrosh is back at Orgrimmar now with Thrall, who is REALLY pissed off. Garrosh is happy that Saurfang the Younger managed to make such a tremendous sacrifice for such a key victory. Thrall wonders what’s going to happen next. Varian tells the player that the Forsaken have offended him for the last time. Sylvanas begins to make plans for her further invasion into Northrend, as suddenly a huge battalion of Stormwind troops come charging into Lordaeron City. Alleria is quite distraught at what’s just happened, and doesn’t know what to do. Sharlindra informs Sylvanas that they’re under attack, the forces of Stormwind have just arrived to attack them. Sylvanas laughs it off, asking Putress to show them what happens to those who dare fight back against the Forsaken. Putress informs her that they’re out of plague, they used it all up on the Scourge forces at the Wrath Gate. Sylvanas is a little peeved, she turns to Sharlindra and Alleria, telling them to get word to Thrall and Kael, she wants reinforcements there now.

Alleria refuses, telling her that her recklessness got herself into this mess, she can get herself out of it. Sharlindra is quickly off, though, as Sylvanas draws her bow and runs out into the courtyard to fight back the encroaching Horde and Alliance forces. Humans have been teleported to Lordaeron City to do battle with the vile Forsaken, led by King Varian.

Meanwhile in Orgrimmar, Thrall is greeted by Jaina Proudmoore, who has just teleported into his Throne Room. Thrall asks her what’s going on. Jaina tells him that the Forsaken have unleashed a terrible plague upon the Lich King and that their own forces were caught in the blast. And now, Varian, seeking revenge, has ordered a fullscale assault onto Lordaeron City. Thrall is shocked. Garrosh is angry, how could the cowardly humans attack the allies of the Horde? Especially after the Forsaken were responsible for a major victory against the Lich King. Clearly they’re just jealous that they weren’t responsible for this victory themselves, the cowards. Now it’s Jaina’s turn to be shocked, and asks how Garrosh can be so callous after so many have lost their lives. Just then, Sharlindra teleports into Orgrimmar, and tells Thrall about the invasion, asking him for his aid. Jaina tells Thrall that it’s judgement time. She understands if he’ll refuse to take up the Alliance’s cause, but it’s time to disown these vile undead monsters, let the Alliance sort out the mess the Horde has created.

Thrall tells Jaina that that’s not an option. His people committed many atrocities before they were given a chance at freedom. He wants to give the Forsaken that same opportunity. Jaina understands, but tells Thrall that this is the end. No more visits to Orgrimmar, no more tenuous alliances, if he joins the Forsaken’s cause it’ll be open war once again. And Thrall tells her that he understands that, but if he doesn’t join the Forsaken then he’s nothing but a dirty traitor too. So they both understand that the war has to resume. Thrall won’t give up the Forsaken, but Jaina can’t approve of that either.

So Jaina and Thrall join the battle on their respective sides. Sylvanas and Kael welcome Thrall to the battle, as their soldiers charge into the fray in the courtyards of Lordaeron. As Alliance players, Putress is quickly killed in his lab, while on the other side, some notable Alliance character is killed. Upon the deaths of these characters, the opposite faction leaders will emerge. (Sylvanas, Garrosh, Thrall and Kael for Horde, Varian, Jaina and Fandral for Alliance.)

Varian will accuse the Horde of betraying them in the most heinous way possible. Sylvanas will respond that maybe Varian just doesn’t have the stomach for what needs to be done to win a war. Jaina calls Sylvanas a witch, to which Kael responds that dooming his race was pretty witch-like behaviour on her part. Garrosh screams that the Alliance denied him his rite to sacrifice himself in battle. Nobody really cares about this. Varian tells Thrall that this peace has been a joke from the beginning and that it’s going to end, right here… right now. Sylvanas draws her bow and arrow, and aims it at Varian, telling him that if he makes one more move, she’ll get him right between the eyes. Varian responds that he’d like to see her try, and takes a step forward, she fires an arrow at him, which Jaina intercepts with a spell. Fandral roars and casts a root spell on Thrall, trapping him in place. Kael casts a fire spell, burning the roots away, as Thrall throws his hammer at Fandral. Fandral deflects it, as Varian charges at Thrall, his sword raised. Garrosh intercepts the sword, and is about to strike back, when Jaina blasts him with a spell of her own. Varian knocks Garrosh aside, and then goes for Thrall’s throat, when suddenly a blade comes out of nowhere, right over Varian’s neck.

Varian freezes, and slowly turns around to find that he’s now in the grip of Garona Halforcen. “You!!” he cries. Garona stares at him, puzzled. She doesn’t recognize him. “This confirms everything I’ve been saying all about you half-born mongrels. First you kill my brother-in-arms, then you side with the living dead of all things… and now I discover… my father’s killer.” Garona’s eyes go wide. Now she recognizes him. Thrall asks who this human is. Sylvanas informs Thrall that her name is Garona. She’s a half-orc assassin that she recruited to the Forsaken ages ago. Thrall glares at Sylvanas, as Garona tells Varian that ‘it’s time to leave’. Varian gulps, as Jaina tries to get a clear shot at Garona. This is a very tense moment, there’s no telling whether or not Varian is going to get killed. Garona stares at Jaina, and tells her that if she teleports every soldier out of Lordaeron NOW, she’ll let Varian go.

Jaina blinks slowly, Varian shakes his head. “We have to finish our mission here, the Horde must pay for all the lives we’ve lost.” He tells her. Jaina sighs. “If I let you sacrifice yourself like this, then we’re no better than the Forsaken.” Jaina teleports all the Alliance troops out of Lordaeron. Varian growls, and Garrosh tells Thrall. “See? Cowards. Unwilling to make sacrifices for victory.” Jaina glares at Garona now, who releases Varian. Jaina teleports the two of them out of Lordaeron. Now it’s Thrall’s turn to be mad, he turns to Sylvanas and stares her right in the eyes. “You have now undone everything I have worked for, elf. You’ve broken my friendship with Jaina Proudmoore, you’ve turned what was a growing peace with Stormwind into an open war, recruited half-orc assassins… and all for your stupid revenge.”

“It was important!” shoots back Sylvanas. “You haven’t lived through what I have.”

“That may be the case, Sylvanas, but it ends now. From this moment on, you are not to leave Lordaeron. All Horde and Forsaken troops are to pull out of Northrend… we have a whole new war to plan for.” Thrall growls at her.

“What!!?” shouts Garrosh. “My brother in arms sacrificed himself to destroy the Lich King, and now we’re just… pulling up ship!!? You’re as… you’re as cowardly as those humans dogs!”

“Your brother in arms was betrayed by the Forsaken, Garrosh. I suggest you do well to remember that. I am imposing a quarantine on all Horde forces in Lordaeron. You will journey back to Orgrimmar and stay there until I give you further orders, do you understand that?” Thrall tells Garrosh. Garrosh nods slowly, clearly seething with fury. Kael is quite amicable, and apologizes to Thrall. Thrall thanks Kael for his kind words and walks off to his Zepplin where his horde forces are waiting. Kael turns to Sylvanas and nods slowly. Sylvanas nods back, the two of them walk into the Lordaeron throne room. Garrosh notices this and decides to follow them. The player walks behind him, as Sylvanas and Kael begin their discussion.

“Vashj has managed to open up the Azjol Nerub tunnel, and Tirion Fordring has pledged his support to our cause.” Kael informs Sylvanas.

“If Thrall finds out about this, we’re going to have the Alliance AND the Horde to worry about.” Sylvanas tells Kael.

“Don’t worry, we’re only going to take our more trustworthy Horde allies with us, Thrall won’t find out about anything.” Kael tells Sylvanas. Garrosh walks up and asks them what they’re up to. Sylvanas informs Garrosh that they’re planning to return to Northrend without Thrall’s approval. The Lich King will pay for what he’s done. Garrosh nods in agreement and pledges his support to their cause. Sylvanas smiles, and then Kael opens up a portal back to Northrend, straight into Azjol Nerub. Horde and Forsaken players both use this portal.

Meanwhile in Stormwind, Jaina has teleported all the Alliance forces there. She and Varian agree that the war in Northrend is over. They have more important things to deal with now, and impose a travel embargo on all Alliance cities and towns. Preventing anybody from leaving. But of course, not every human and night elf is happy about this. Tirion Fordring approaches you and tells you that the battle with the Lich King is not over yet, and he has made a deal with the Forsaken to prolong the conflict, opening a portal to Northrend. You either accept or deny his offer, and take the portal (if you don’t, you’re stuck in a useless city, though… so…).

On the other side, Vashj, Tirion Fordring, Tyrande and Garrosh are waiting for you. Silver Hand knights lead the charge into Azjol Nerub, planning to use the ancient tunnel to punch their way through into Icecrown. Eventually they succeed, but are stopped at the end of the tunnel by Anub’arak. Anub’arak informs them that their assault is at an end. The Lich King doesn’t approve of their invasion, and will stop them at all costs. An epic boss battle with Anub’arak begins and all four characters back you up and help you fight him to the death. Anub’arak at 5% health, burrows underground, telling the players that this battle is not over yet.

Tirion bursts out from the other end of the Azjol Nerub tunnel, now in Icecrown at last. The Silver Hand has established a base here. And the with the exception of there being no flightmaster here yet at all, the battle with the Scourge plays out much the same. Push forward, etc. etc. But as you establish “Bastion of Terenas” the Silver Hand town in Icecrown. A flightpath is established. Tirion informs you that the travel embargo that Thrall and Jaina imposed is lifted, there’s no telling what will happen next, but you can now journey back and forth to your homes. (In the ‘approved’ Horde and Alliance outposts in Northrend, though, they will be seen packing up, as if getting ready to journey back to Kalimdor/Azeroth.)

The Icecrown battles continue with Tyrande setting up shop in a grove that her druids have grown on the northwestern side of Scourgeholme. While Vashj is where Ebon Watch is right now, except it’s a Naga outpost. The Windrunner and the Hand of Uther are both airships that float overtop of Icecrown. Nathanos Blightcaller sits atop one while a notable Paladin of some sort stands atop the other. Quests are much the same, and eventually Vashj and Tyrande both give quests to crush the Scarlet Onslaught based at the island north of Icecrown. (There’s no Mal’ganis coming back to life, though!!) and upon it’s ruins, in a future patch, the Argent Tournament is established.
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It's an interesting outline you have here, and I like how many of the main characters from Warcraft III have more prominent roles. The concept of an "Assault" feature sounds like a lot of fun too, and the Lakeshire defense reminded me of a similar set-up in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II. I'm not sure if the more "guided" leveling up experience would have been a good move on Blizzard's part, though. Having access to every allied starting area at the beginning of the game can help break up the monotony of leveling new characters and also gives players access to different rewards, even if the partnerships between races aren't explicit in their natures and origins. The leveling system and zone progression you have would probably work better in a singleplayer RPG than MMO, in my opinion. I also have some issues with your characterizations, particularly of Thrall and his relationship with Jaina. He came across as much more indecisive in your outline than I feel he is, and he and Jaina have been shown to have a more trusting and understanding relationship than you depicted here. I highly doubt he would have tried to hide his alliance with the Forsaken from her or, for that matter, remain on the sidelines while Sylvanas attempted to abduct Varian. Still, this made for an interesting read. Thanks for sharing.
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Who is Megrath?
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Garrosh screams that the Alliance denied him his rite to sacrifice himself in battle. Nobody really cares about this.
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Originally Posted by Rolandius View Post
Who is Megrath?
Eredar bounty hunter. Kil'jaeden's finest. Sent to Outland to hunt down the Draenei, followed them to Azuremyst where they crashlanded. Then was beaten back by the combined efforts of the Alliance and Night Elven forces.

He was supposed to replace Illidan as the main villain of The Burning Crusade, and to replace Kil'jaeden as the final battle of the Burning Crusade.

I highly doubt he would have tried to hide his alliance with the Forsaken from her or, for that matter, remain on the sidelines while Sylvanas attempted to abduct Varian.
I'm not happy with everything in this outline. (Turalyon stopping Garrosh for example... don't really understand how that's gonna work, but the sentiment will be there) But remember... it's an outline. It's just the vaguest notion of what happens in the plotline. In the story Thrall isn't going to just stand there with his mouth gaping open while Sharlindra runs away with Varian's body, he hesitates and she's gone. (How she got across an ocean without him tracking her down -- I don't know.) And part of the point of the outline was to slowly drive a wedge between Thrall and Jaina. Because the war just isn't going to happen if they're on great terms with one another, no matter how much everybody else hates eachother. Unless you make them into completely ineffective leaders.

I'd probably go into more depth and make it a bit more natural if I wrote it out, though.
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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
Eredar bounty hunter. Kil'jaeden's finest. Sent to Outland to hunt down the Draenei, followed them to Azuremyst where they crashlanded. Then was beaten back by the combined efforts of the Alliance and Night Elven forces.

He was supposed to replace Illidan as the main villain of The Burning Crusade, and to replace Kil'jaeden as the final battle of the Burning Crusade.
Is he fan fiction or real? I haven't seen any mention of him.
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Wasn't Talgath the Eredar who was charged with tracking down the Draenei?
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Originally Posted by Gurtogg_Bloodboil View Post
Wasn't Talgath the Eredar who was charged with tracking down the Draenei?
I think so. He kept finding the planets they had already left until he finally found Draenor.
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Originally Posted by Rolandius View Post
Is he fan fiction or real? I haven't seen any mention of him.
I made him up.

Wasn't Talgath the Eredar who was charged with tracking down the Draenei?
Ah, suppose I could have used him then. Oh well.
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Not sure if this was posted before.
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That's not really what I'm suggesting at all, though.

Mostly what I was trying to do with this outline was clean up the plot a bit, give more information where there is none on existing storylines, and try to get the point across a bit better with some characters in some cases. (Such as with Garrosh)
"The Demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were."
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